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Lopburi and John Bunyan

Throughout the city of Lopburi there are several ancient ruins (all refurbished and maintained). The oldest is called Prang Khaek, see the photo above. It dates from the 11th century (before [...]


More Women in Thai church

I just spoke at a church camp for 70 Thai people. I counted only 11 males which works out to a 1 to 7 ratio. On a regular Sunday, this church has a higher ratio of males to females, but overall [...]


Father, son or?

As church planters, we’re trying to reach out to groups, not just individuals. And when we reach out to an individual, we want to connect with their family and friendship groups as well. In [...]


Walking through the Bible

One glaring concern missionaries have working in Thailand is Biblical illiteracy. One Thai leader admitted, “Thai Christians are unable to put events in the Bible into any sort of a [...]


Jona’s tree in front of our house

  After a day of hard work, we finally were able to pull out two trees besides the church. The church members had been talking about it for a while, but the concrete around the trees [...]


Fundraising Thai style

It was a chilly morning for Thailand as we set off on a short motorbike ride to a local temple, by the time we got to the temple I was feeling quite cold. Friends had invited us to observe this [...]


Chinese new year

The roads were quiet as I drove to my language helpers shop and home on the eve of Chinese New Year. As I drove I noticed many shops and homes had Chinese lanterns and outside many Thai homes I [...]


Christ over corruption

Over this past year, I have been wanting to do adventure ministry in the area where I live in order to reach local youth and young adults. A few kilometres from my house there is a small mountain [...]


Conversations on the way

Whenever I go on a journey on a plane, bus or train, I ask God for an opportunity to have a spiritual conversation with the person sitting next to me. I hadn’t caught a train in Thailand [...]


Billy Graham and Urbana

I just got word that Billy Graham passed into glory at 99 years old. I immediately thought of the impact that his life had on me as a young Christian. I grew up watching Graham before color TV in [...]

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