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Called to Cambodia Twice: Teaching in Cambodia

Mae arrived in Cambodia in 1995. After language study she taught English in local schools and was involved in church planting in Kratie and Snoul.

When Mae returned to Scotland for a home assignment in 2007 she knew it was God’s will for her to stay home to take care of her mother. She went back to teaching, God confirming this step by giving her a permanent contract at a time when the local authority was closing schools.

Called a Second Time

After her mother died in 2014 God challenged Mae through the Bible and different people to return to Cambodia. Mae came back to a changed country in November 2015. She has been working in Central Cambodia since then. When she arrived she hoped to connect with teachers in the area and trusted God to work out how this would happen. After seven months in the town Mae was invited to help with the English programme at the local high school. Mae goes into all the grade 7 and 8 classes for an hour every week to give practice with speaking, pronunciation and conversation. Mae says ‘It’s so good to be teaching again and able to spend time with the teachers and students.’

Getting to Know the Neighbors

Mae also has been able to build relationships in the area through her neighbours’ little girl. Mae explains: ‘I would take her for walks every evening and I not only enjoyed the walk but she gave me opportunities to sit, chat and get to know people. She’ll be 2 years old next month and our walks aren’t so frequent any more as she joins the older children in their games, but she was a gift from God for that time. I would have found it much more difficult to get to know people, especially in the wider neighbourhood without her.’

One of the challenges with these relationships is going beyond ‘small talk’. It’s reasonably easy to chat, even to compare religious practices but I pray that there would be opportunities to speak to the heart and that I would be ready to use them.

Teaching Dependence

I like to be independent so God has to constantly teach me to learn to depend, not just on him, but also on others. Because of work on a new road through the town, our water supply was cut-off for several months. I had no other water supply but my neighbours have a well so I was completely dependent on them. They helped me get as much water as I needed into my house whenever I needed it. I had to learn to humbly accept their generosity and help. They treat me like a family member and I receive more from them than I can ever give in return.

Will you pray for Cambodia?

  • Give thanks for friendships that our workers have built with Cambodians, pray that they will take every opportunity to share the gospel with them.
  • Give thanks for Christian high school students in Cambodia. Pray that their daily lives would be a witness to their teachers and peers. Pray for a Christian student movement in the high schools.
  • Pray for encouragement for the very few Christians teaching in Cambodian government schools. Pray for more Christians to join this workforce (as godly educators to the next generation).

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