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Taking Road Measurements by Larry Dinkins

If you ride a motorcycle often, you get used to this question: “Have you ever had to ‘lay it down’”? Invariably the seasoned biker has had at least one occassion where he or she has had to jettison the bike in a crash with resulting road rash to prove it. Once in Central Thailand I failed to negotiate a turn properly and went head-first down the asphalt. There were some construction workers on scaffolding nearby and when they saw I wasn’t badly hurt said in Thai, “Look guys, there’s a farang taking ROAD MEASUREMENTS!” In OMF prayer meetings, our requests often revolve around someone who has been on the wrong end of an altercation on the roadway. Last week a motorcyclist had a rear tire blow out in front of me with both the bike and rider going head over heels. I got there first and observed the typical contusions, burns and possible breaks that accompany such a spill. Then at our monthly prayer meeting a co-worker related how she was still shook-up from getting hit on the driver’s side by a speeding motorbike. My Bible school has over 40 students and we are constantly praying for their safety. Thailand has over 20 million motorcycles and “ … on average, 5,500 motorcyclists die annually – or 15 deaths a day. The figure continues to climb, making Thailand the world’s deadliest country for two-wheelers.” Do pray that God’s hand of protection will be over all of O workers in this country whether it be by bike, bus, plane or car.


Larry Dinkins

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