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God always answers prayer

Our son Caleb (9), talked regularly with his friend, Sota* at school about God and salvation and prayed fervently that he would become a Christian.

How did you end up doing that?

My family has been in Japan with OMF since December 2000. When we arrived, we had a one-year-old son. My husband, David, felt called to

Japan Prayer Fuel November 2021

The results of Japan’s parliamentary election  on October 31 will play a crucial role in determining whether the prime minister and his cabinent are able

Are we there yet?

In October 2020, despite a world-wide pandemic, we had finally checked off all the boxes to leave the US to begin as missionaries in Japan.

Football mum

“I-ke”「行け」”Go!” “Shoo-to”「シュート」”Shoot!” “Oshii”「惜しい」”So close!” When my boys were younger, these are some of the words you could find me shouting at the side of a

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