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We are being watched

“For the last four years I’ve been watching you…” “Oh no, what’s coming next?!!” I thought, desperately trying to recall what I might have done

Weakness as an opportunity

Do you feel as though you couldn’t be a full-time missionary because you don’t have great talents that could make you appealing to those you

Japan Prayer Fuel June 2024

Please join us in praying for some of the ministries our members are involved in. May all of these ministries bear fruit for God’s kingdom.

The power of peer-to-peer contact

It was my first time to see almost forty young people in Japan attend an evangelical party. I think this is the power of peer-to-peer

A new season at Aomori Christian Center

[The Aomori Christian Center (ACC), founded in 1956, briefly closed in 2014 when its buildings were deemed unusable. It reopened in 2015 when OMF missionaries

Japan Prayer Fuel May 2024

Please join us in praying for the continued work of the Holy Spirit, so that those who come to church and other groups for the first time, would keep coming back, to hear more about Jesus’ love and plans for them.

Where church feels like family

I had only recently moved to Yotsukaido, Chiba, and begun serving at Megumi no Oka Chapel when someone asked me if I’d had any problems since coming here.

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