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Local believers Kathy* and Amy* have been journeying with parents of children with autism for the past few years. It started when Kathy and Amy began providing rehabilitation services for the children. This led on to support groups for the parents. The parents have now registered a local non-profit organization overseeing six groups including 20 families that join the class for disabled children, at church every Saturday. Last Christmas, the children sang a Christmas carol in the Sunday service praising the Lord. Here are some of the children that are helped by this organization:  

Tony had never been to school. There was no routine in his life, and he found it hard to control his emotions. But Tony enjoys the cooking classes at the rehabilitation center. The centre has helped him find something he is interested in and enjoys. He works around the kitchen happily, and refuses to leave. He even waits patiently there in case someone would pass him the spatula. In the ‘adaptation to the community’ class this semester, he was able to follow rules and sit still to learn. Though there may be an outburst once in a while, he is able to control it, and it is such a great improvement.

Harry just joined the classes this semester. In the beginning, he refused to come to class. Then on the first day, he refused to eat his lunch. Harry is very much afraid of water. But last week, we found that he was interested in cutting dried bean curd; so much so that he doesn’t want to stop.

It is a great encouragement to the teachers to see their students make improvements step by step.

*Names changed.

Will you pray?

  • Give thanks for the work of non-profits like this one.
  • Pray that the Parents Association would be able to find members willing to sit on its board so it can continue to support these families.

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