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Steps of Faith in a Japanese Workplace

Trusting God in the midst of transition

We caught up with one of our marketplace workers* who is preparing to move to a new job within Japan.

April is a season of new beginnings for many in Japan. It represents the start of a new financial/school year and is the period when many new work opportunities begin. Real estate and moving companies in Japan become extremely busy in the weeks leading up to April due to the sheer number of people starting a new chapter in their lives.

This April is also a time of new beginnings for me. After a flurry of emails, meetings, and contract signings, the way is finally becoming clear for me to start a new job in a different Japanese prefecture. My experience, perhaps like others navigating work overseas, is that the first few years require a lot of change—this will be my fourth major move over the cumulative three years that I’ve called Japan home. With each move, many factors have been out of my hands—what will my colleagues be like? Will there be a church I can partner with near where I’m going? Is the apartment that I had to make a same-day decision on really a suitable place to rent? And with each new start, I’ve wondered at some point or another: what have I gotten myself into?

During this busy season, I am so thankful I can trust God to hold me fast. Looking back at my previous moves, I am utterly amazed by how God used many seemingly arbitrary decisions and things outside my control to accomplish his purposes. It “just so happened” that a Japanese Christian friend I met years ago is now my language tutor and spiritual mentor. I have connected more deeply with colleagues because we “just so happened” to live or work in the same town previously. I “just so happened” to get a job in a city where I could volunteer with OMF in ministry. The list goes on and on. So I can trust, as I seek to serve God here in Japan through my work, that he has my future is his hands this time around, too.

If I keep living in Japan long-term, my work situation and ministry connections might become more stable. But in this season, I hope to learn more about the faithfulness of God and to be used by him wherever he places me, knowing that he says, “I am with you always, to the end of the age” (Matt. 28:20 ESV).

Marketplace Self-Supporting Workers (MSSW) partner with us in reaching the people of Japan. These are Christians who are committed to using their professional lives to share Jesus and who want to partner with OMF for support and greater ministry effectiveness.
By an OMF Marketplace worker

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