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Starting a church mission team

“Our church is a good church. It is involved in lots of things.” Munch, munch. “We hear lots about mission and evangelism that are nearby, or have people involved who go to our church.”

We were on home assignment, eating hot cross buns at an annual Easter-weekend missionary meeting.

In between bites of bun and sips of tea we talked with members of one of our supporting churches.

Could you pass me another bun please? Slurp.

“This is all good! However, mission work that is further away is not so well known.”

Is there any more tea? Ahh! Munch.

That’s sad.” Clatter of mugs and plates. “What could we do?”

So started the idea for a church mission team.

The idea was to raise the profile of those working in mission roles—in the UK and overseas—but especially those who didn’t work locally. The team would improve communication and regularly raise the topic of mission in the church.

This Mission Team was not going to be just for us and for OMF. Their scope included Bible translation in India, a hospital in Haiti, young people in the north of England, a sister church in Russia, people working in homeside mission offices and other organisations, and not forgetting the denominational mission as well.

But if our home assignment could start this mission team and get it brewing, then what a good thing that was.

At another time we met, we planned five-minute slots in services, and put forward other ideas. This would bless the church and bless those working away (and far away) from the church.

So, the next you have a cup of something and a biscuit or a bun with a church friend, why not think about what you could do for mission in your church? How can you support those telling the Easter message every day of the year?

By Peter, an OMF Japan missionary

Will you pray for Japan?

  • Pray for your home church, that they will find ways to support mission even better than they currently do.
  • Pray about what you can do for mission in your church.
  • Pray that missionaries in Japan would be well supported by their home churches.

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