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Standing on our own feet

‘I grew up in a Christian home in the South Taiwan, and studied in China Evangelical Seminary and married Shu-Hua during my second year.

One day I saw a homeless man looking through a rubbish bin for food in front of a large church in Taipei and I wondered, “Are there any churches who welcome homeless people?” Not long after that I heard about The Spring, an OMF ministry to the homeless.

After completing an internship with The Spring, I was invited to return as a full-time worker. This was the wish of my heart, but at times it was hard work; seeing change amongst the homeless can often take a long time.

After 12 years, most of my fellow students from seminary are well-respected pastors of churches in Taiwan, but I am still in a struggling church with few workers.

Many are surprised to hear that I am still in the same church. When the OMF workers left The Spring, they handed responsibility to me, which sometimes feels very heavy.

At the moment we have three Bible college students helping us. My goal is to train them to do the ministry, and to pass on the things I have learned. I have made many mistakes and want to prevent them from making the same mistakes.

Concerning the future of The Spring our goal is not “bigger and bigger”, but that churches all over Taiwan will learn to care for the homeless in their neighbourhood, in a sense that “The Spring will no longer be needed”.

OMF raised us: now we have to learn to stand on our own feet. I hope we can pass on the good practices that we learned from OMF’s work.’

WU De Li

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