Mongolian woman in front of yurt

Welcome to Skylands

We serve in a land where the sky seems never to end. This land starts in the snowy foothills of South Asia and continues over the peaks, across the Himalayan plateau, onto the Mongolian steppes, and even into parts of Russia.

Tibetan Buddhism developed its unique traits and began spreading from this region. Tibetans, Mongolians, Bhutanese (Drukpa and others), Sherpas, Ladakhis, Buryats, Tuvans, Kalmyks and more call this area home.

Join us in praying for and blessing the people of Skylands.

What we do

Our Vision

We see Mongolians, Tibetans, and their related peoples transforming into Christlike communities.

Our Mission

We serve Mongolians, Tibetans, and their related peoples to grow Christlike communities in their context for the glory of God.

Our Values


We value prayer and consider it a fundamental part of our lives. As we pray, God cultivates in us love and understanding for the people of Skylands, and through it, we seek and witness blessings in their lives.


We are committed to evaluating our work in light of our purpose: initiating and facilitating Christlike communities among the people of Skylands for the glory of God.


We persevere through discouragement, setbacks, and the appearance of failure. Despite these “light and momentary troubles,” we live our lives for God’s glory.


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