Millions (Jan-Apr 2021)

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Go Asia (Jan-Apr 2021): Integral Missions

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Millions (Sep-Dec 2020)

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Go Asia (Sep-Dec 2020): For such a time as this

Go Asia (Sep-Dec 2020) The online version has been altered for editorial purposes.

Loving the Way Jesus Loved

My first trip to Cambodia was in 2005. Before that trip, I knew only two things about the country — Angkor Wat and the Khmer Rogue. However, I was intrigued enough to read history in university. As I learnt of the country’s past and made frequent short trips to Cambodia, I grew to love the […]


By Dr. Luke Tan, Steph and Christel How Stretch Out Started During my (Dr. Luke) years as a medical student in the mid-80s, the late Dr. Bobby Sng, then the Fellowship of Evangelical Students’ (FES) General Director, spent much of his time working with Graduates’ Christian Fellowship (GCF) amongst tertiary students and young adults. It […]

Reaching & Empowering the Next Generation of missionaries

By Serene. From the editor: This written article is based on the writer’s perspective and view point on the next generation. I wrote this article in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic that has turned the world topsy-turvy. I noticed that out of this chaos, many ingenious ideas and innovative ways to manage this situation […]

Growing Healthy Churches in Myanmar

by Lightyear. The article first originated from East Asia’s Millions (July-August 2020). ‘What can we pray for you’? The three visitors from a North American mission agency waited as a dozen local church leaders discussed among themselves how they should answer the question. Finally, one spoke: ‘pray for us to be more missional. There are […]


by Sam Lim. Ton, a Northern Thai young adult is a leading food reviewer and part-time musician in Chiang Rai, North Thailand. Ton grew up with a difficult childhood. At a challenging time as a teenager, he found Christ, because his mum told him to attend weekend English classes at a nearby church for free […]

Millions (May-Aug 2020)

Millions (May-Aug 2020) The online version has been altered for editorial purposes.

Go Asia (May – June 2020): Engaging the Next Gen Missionaries

Go Asia (May-Aug 2020) The online version has been altered for editorial purposes.

Planting on Pavement: A Church-Planter’s Journey

By Jennifer Su, from Millions (Jan-Apr 2020), pg 10-11 The first time I spoke to Yong-yi about spiritual matters, her face showed a distinct lack of interest — a look I had gotten used to since starting ministry as a church planter in Southern Taiwan. “God? Who’s that?” she asked curtly, taking a step backward. Calmly, I told her about […]

A Church that Works for Workers

By Chris Watts, East Asia’s Millions (Jan-Apr 2020) On an unremarkable street, in an unremarkable room of an unremarkable building a short walk from Liuzhangli MRT station, something truly remarkable is happening.  It’s Sunday morning in Taipei, Taiwan. We cross the road outside a 7-Eleven and wait for Irene.  Irene Nicholson has lived and worked […]


By Sara. I am Sara, and I became a Christian when I was 17. Soon after, God gave me a vision for Japan and it was the beginning of my long journey to find out what missions is all about and why Japan needs God.  I still remember my early struggles with minimal resources available […]


By Michael. The belief in fate cripples a person’s reality and feelings of inadequacy, inability and insufficiency begin to reign in our lives. As children of the Living God, our lives are not destined by fate; our life destiny is in the hands of a Good Shepherd who lays down His life for His sheep […]

Millions (Jan-Apr 2020)

Millions (Jan-Apr 2020) The online version has been altered for editorial purposes.

Go Asia (Jan – Apr 2020): A New wave of Next Gen Missionaries

goAsia (Jan-Apr 2020) The online version has been altered for editorial purposes.

Singapore to Philippines: Going into missions as a family

By A. This article was first published in Go Asia (Sep-Dec 2019) His Calling to Feed His sheep Our initial missions calling came to us in 2004 while we were in the first year of our marriage in Scotland. Despite having a stable job, H was dissatisfied with his work; the thought of going into […]

Singleness in the missions journey

By Sin Ee. When I first came to Taiwan on a short-term mission trip, an older missionary asked me if I was OK to stay single. She made a funny comment like, “You’re more likely to be hit by a bus than to get married on the mission field.” Given that two-thirds of our OMF […]

Journeying into Missions as a married couple

By Sam Lim. This story was first published in Family Responsibilities, in Go Asia (May-Aug 2018). How did you meet your wife? What attracted you to her? I met first met Kul when I was serving as an OMF associate in North Thailand with the Shan people. She was part of the team teaching the […]

Kelvin & Julienne in Manila

Written by Julienne for GoAsia (May-Aug 2019) Kelvin and Julienne are former educators, currently Serve Asia Workers with OMF Singapore and serving in the Philippines, using their skills in Arts and Sports as their ministry of outreach. “Can we use our youth for God?” This was the question that started it all. Back then Kelvin […]

Go Asia (Sep-Dec 2019): Reimagining OMF

goAsia (Sep-Dec 2019) The online version has been altered for editorial purposes.

Kelvin & Julienne in Manila

Written  by Julienne for Go Asia (May-Aug 2019) Kelvin and Julienne are former educators, currently Serve Asia Workers with OMF Singapore and serving in the Philippines, using their skills in Arts and Sports as their ministry of outreach. “Can we use our youth for God?” This was the question that started it all. Back then […]

Through the Lens of Opportunity

Written by Samuel Xiao for Go Asia (May-Aug 2019) A quote that would describe my heart towards photography is one by an American photographer named Steve McCurry. He says, “Most of my photos are grounded in people, I look for the unguarded moment, the essential soul peeking out, experience etched on a person’s face.” Photography […]

Meaning in the Waiting

Written by Christel for Go Asia (May-Aug 2019) My name is Christel, 22 and I’m a student from Singapore! In 2016, I had just graduated from polytechnic with a Diploma in Media & Communications – and I was feeling ‘lost’. I didn’t know what direction to take in life, what I wanted to do, if […]

Go Asia (May-Aug 2019): Media and Sports as Missions

goAsia (May-Aug19)

Singapore to Japan: Shao Xiong & Levene’s Mission Story

Shao Xiong & Levene are missionaries from Singapore to Japan for two years with OMF. We caught up with them to find out about their journey to this point. Where did your interest in missions begin? Levine: “All along, ever since I’ve been a Christian, I’ve seen missions is very important. but it was only […]

Go Asia (Jan-Apr 2019): New Beginnings

goAsia (Jan-Apr 2019)

Caring for Missionaries and their Families at Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is a key time for Chinese families in Singapore when children are expected to show filial piety, appropriate honor and respect, to their parents. They can do this as they join in with the annual family reunion and hopefully can share about a career and lifestyle the parents can be proud […]

An Unexpected Journey

Written by Kenneth Thio for Go Asia (Sep-Dec 2018) In 2018, I signed up with OMF Singapore’s Serve Asia Programme, a short-term missions discipleship for a month. My destination? One of the least reached frontiers in OMF’s mission world, Vietnam. As my field host put it: I was learning on the job; our primary focus […]

A Reflective Tohoku Prayer Journey

Written by James Kwan for Go Asia (Sep-Dec 2018) Photography has always been a passion of mine, and I desire to glorify God by serving in the media and photography ministries in church and Christian organisations. Travelling and photography have also been something I’ve been doing during my school breaks, but coming to Tohoku in […]

Investing Time in Missions: Thailand

Written by Matthias for Go Asia (Sep-Dec 2018) Right after National Service ended, my friend Joseph and I found ourselves with this pocket of time before university started, to explore missions. While it was an opportune time to earn some pocket money, travel and go for internships, we were convicted that at this turning point […]

Go Asia (Sep-Dec 2018): Finding your Place in Missions


Go Asia (May-Aug 2018): Where Your Treasure Is


Go Asia (Jan-Apr 2018) – Transitions Part 1

Go Asia (Sep-Dec 2017) – Home Assignment

When The Opportunity Arises

This is Kelly again! In July, I went to Hanoi, Vietnam, for the second time this year to serve for a month. It came as a surprise to some of my close friends and family as I had just returned from a one month trip to Hanoi in May. For me and my friend Christel, […]

My Hanoi Trip Encouraged Me To Share The Gospel

I am Kelly from Singapore and I went to Hanoi, Vietnam, to serve for a month in May 2017. Honestly, I have so many awesome experiences that I am spoilt for choices regarding which experience to share about. Let me share about my Gospel sharing experience since this has impacted me greatly in my spiritual […]

Building Relationship With The Vietnamese

My name is Christel and I come from Singapore. I went to Hanoi in July 2017 to serve for a month. It was actually my second time coming as a short-term worker, as the first was back in May, where my sister-in-Christ, Kelly, and I also served for one month. Thank God for the meaningful […]

Journey-ing Into Long(er) Term Missions

Written by Rixin for Go Asia (May-Aug 2017) Rixin joined us as a Serve Asia Worker to Taiwan many years ago. Her missions journey did not start from Taiwan, and she did a lot of exploratory and preparatory work in finding her place in missions. Usually, an average person needs about 7 years to know […]

Serving United in Need

Written by Tricia for Go Asia (May-Aug 2017) Sometimes we think that going on missions trips will change people’s lives – be it in their quality of life for a period of time, or their spiritual life after they accepted Christ. However, most often we did not realise that the trip will shape our lives, […]

Cross-cultural Training in Missions

Written by Patricia for Go Asia (May-Aug 2017) Some missions work requires more training than others. Usually Serve Asia Workers (SAWs) will have to go through Serve Asia training and, depending on the missions work they have, additional training will also be provided to help the SAWs to prepare for the programme and adjust well […]

Facing Challenges in Short-term Missions

Written by Kirby for Go Asia (May-Aug 2017) Sometimes missions work is not entirely about sharing the Gospel. Conferences are usually organised to create an opportunity for missionaries to have fellowship and also to better equip themselves for the changes and challenges of their ministry. Kirby’s experience in Serve Asia allowed him to adapt to […]

Go Asia (May-Aug 2017): Serve Asia

Go Asia (Jan-Apr 2017): China

No More Potatoes

This story is taken from The Hui, Uyghur and Kazakh are some of the minority groups in the western provinces of Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, Xinjiang and Yunnan. Creative roles like missional business, teaching, counseling, research and language study are ways to be involved in the community. Partnership with the Han churches increased focus on training […]

6 Ways to reach God’s world

宣教六法 (粤语)


Take STEPS Missions Weekend Apr 2016

What is a calling? How can I know if I am really called to the mission field? What makes a missionary? How can I decide if I should go short-term or long-term? What are the requirements of a missions agency? How long does it take to become a missionary? How can I prepare myself and […]

Tai Yuan Ministry

Teaching Mandarin to Tai Yuan market vendors has opened up doors to build relationships with the people in an otherwise resistant community. There are government schools, villages, children and youth who are eagerly waiting to learn Mandarin. Where are the teachers? Will you be one of them? Find out more about the Tai Yuan on […]

SCJM 新加坡华文差传联合事工 – 第3届宣教精兵营

主耶稣的心意是要叫万国万民归向他,从耶稣颁布大使命到如今,全球还有将近百分之40 人口尚未得到福音。庄稼已熟,但工人很少。您愿意更多地体贴主的心,学习如何参与祂普世的救恩计划吗?我们恳切邀请你参与SCJM联办的华文宣教精兵营 (6月7 – 10 日), 详情请参阅以下的短片与网上报名表格。 宣教营个人报名表格 Mission camp Single Registration Form 宣教营团体报名表格 Mission camp Group Registration Form

The Task Unfinished – Join the global movement – 21 Feb 2016

Facing A Task Unfinished was written by CIM Missionary to China and Bishop of Sichuan, Frank Houghton, later to become CIM General Director. It has become a much treasured mission hymn, inspiring many to consider the call to “Go and make Him known”. Click here to find out more about this global event!

Lim Family – Missionary Kids

The idea for this video update came up from a day when Sam was having a date with Aniya and they were talking about life in North Thailand. Aniya’s honesty and candid look at her transitions prompted Sam to follow it up with a video recording of a conversation with her. The interview is not […]


“This happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life!” (John 9:3b) It is with great joy that we report: God is at work in Cambodia! He is displaying his glory in order that many in this land would come to worship Jesus the King. Pu Samun had already seen his […]

Six things I learnt living in a slum

For five and a half months I lived in a medium-sized squatter community on the edge of a 7-lane Highway in Quezon City, Philippines. It was called Manggahan. I learned to call it home, and much more besides… 1. Always survey the area before stepping into a room. This means that you are less likely […]

When Jesus calls …

When Jesus calls you, and you get up, leave everything behind and follow him, your life gets changed. It is happening to Bai Chaa (Tea Leaf) and I marvel at the impact her meeting with Jesus is having. Tea Leaf lives in a very simple house at the edge of her village, together with her […]

Silaa Farms Coffee

I come from a background in electronic engineering, and I worked for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment on the storm surge barrier in the eastern Schelde. After I had been there for a few years, Maaike and I felt called into ministry by the Lord through a sermon on the life of […]

Culturally Connected

Although I was raised in a Christian home by mission-minded parents, I had no intention of becoming a missionary. The thought of learning a language like Chinese or Japanese scared me. As I grew up, I learned about past mistakes of culturally insensitive missionaries, and I met a few missionaries who didn’t seem to like […]

Climbing the Mandarin Mountain

It is 7:50 a.m. Another day of Chinese class awaits. Tom gathers his books and heads out the door. Downstairs, he waves at the door lady. ‘Zao (good morning),’ she says with a smile. In case he had forgotten, this is the day’s first reminder that he is in China. On the short walk to […]

The Story-Teller

It was difficult to see exactly how many people had crowded into the tiny wooden room. There were children sitting on the floor and others suspended from the walls as they perched on the flimsy wooden structure surrounding the crowd. There were old people spitting tobacco, clicking their tongues and uttering noises of affirmation as […]

Hope in the Red Light District

Lang Lang had dropped out of school and had come to the city to find work. Her friend, also a dropout from her home village, offered her an attractive opportunity; an easy job earning a good salary. It was too much for Lang Lang to pass up.

A Message to the Shepherds

“But we’ve always done it that way.” Sometimes blind tradition gets in the way of common sense. It is the same complaint heard in many different contexts. I heard this in a more unusual context recently.