Hudson Taylor was only 21 years old when he sailed from England, never expecting to see home or family again. In a strange land, backed only by an unreliable mission society thousands of miles away, he set out to share the gospel with the Chinese.

By the time he died, aged 73, he had travelled to China eleven times, baptised over 18,000 Chinese Christians, and the mission he founded was the largest in China.

“His life was impelled by a growing confidence in the faithfulness of God.” — from the forward by Billy Graham

J. Hudson Taylor: A Man in Christ

Steer has pulled together key events, character traits and spiritual principles that formed the pioneer missionary and founder of OMF. This is a very readable account of Taylor`s life, his losses and the God who provided for him.

Spiritual Secret

Husband, father, physician, evangelist, visionary and founder of the China Inland Mission – James Hudson Taylor lived his life for God with intention and purpose. In the process, God revealed to him the secret to joy and satisfaction, no matter what circumstances surrounded him.

In the course of his life Taylor knew poverty, hardship, loss, frustration and the difficulties of ministering in the challenging country of China. He knew that he could fully and completely trust and depend upon God to meet his every need, all the time, no matter how insurmountable the obstacles appeared.

Christ Alone: A Pictorial Presentation of Hudson Taylor's Life and Legacy

Christ Alone:

A Pictorial Presentation of Hudson Taylor’s Life and Legacy

It can truly be said, the impact of the life and ministry of Hudson Taylor has been and continues to be tremendous among Chinese Christians as well as the Christian churches around the world. In 2005, as we remember the 100th anniversary of Hudson Taylor’s death and celebrate the 140th anniversary of his founding of the China Inland Mission (CIM), we are pleased to announce the publication of “Christ Alone – A Pictorial Presentation of Hudson Taylor’s Life and Legacy”.

The Growth of a Soul/Work of God

The classic two-volume story of Hudson Taylor and the founding of the CIM (now known as OMF). This detailed account includes many of Taylor’s personal writings that express his vision, faith and frustrations. It is also an account of the miracles that took the young mission agency into the inland provinces of China. The first volume covers Taylor’s life, the second describes the founding of the China Inland Mission.

Christ Alone: A Pictorial Presentation of Hudson Taylor's Life and Legacy

Christ Alone:

A Pictorial Presentation of Hudson Taylor’s Life and Legacy

It can truly be said, the impact of the life and ministry of Hudson Taylor has been and continues to be tremendous among Chinese Christians as well as the Christian churches around the world. In 2005, as we remember the 100th anniversary of Hudson Taylor’s death and celebrate the 140th anniversary of his founding of the China Inland Mission (CIM), we are pleased to announce the publication of “Christ Alone – A Pictorial Presentation of Hudson Taylor’s Life and Legacy”.

The Growth of a Soul/Work of God

The classic two-volume story of Hudson Taylor and the founding of the CIM (now known as OMF). This detailed account includes many of Taylor’s personal writings that express his vision, faith and frustrations. It is also an account of the miracles that took the young mission agency into the inland provinces of China. The first volume covers Taylor’s life, the second describes the founding of the China Inland Mission.

It was the 1920s, and a young woman names Isobel Seline Miller was making her mark in the theater, social and academic world. But through her mother’s prayers and after a tragic romance, Isobel discovered peace with God. After reading about Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission, she felt a call to China, and specifically, to the Lisu people. Preparation at Moody Bible Institute was completed with honors, and eventually she sailed for China as a missionary. There she married John Kuhn whom she had first met during her training at Moody. Together they faced hardships, long separations, severe illness, war, and death itself. Yet through all this the church among the Lisu people grew in faith and the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Second Mile People

Six “second-mile people” were friends and colleagues whose lives made a deep impression on Isobel Kuhn. These brief character studies of their spiritual lives offer vivid examples of lifestyle Christianity.

In The Arena

“In the Arena” continues the story of Isobel Kuhn. Christians are on display, like someone condemned to die in the arena. Isobel was convinced that the trials of her life are “arena experiences” and her most valuable lessons.

Stones of Fire

This is the true story of Mary, a young Lisu tribeswoman, who was challenged by Isobel Kuhn to “let God break her heart.” “Stones of Fire” records her struggles and the surprising results.

By Searching

Isobel Miller gave up God for worldly pursuits. But as graduation approached and her engagement was broken, she questioned that decision. “If You will prove to me that You are, and if You will give me peace, I will give You my whole life.” God heard Isobel’s prayers and responded. Her search ended, and He gave her a whole new life of fruitful missionary service in China.

Green Leaf in Drought

This is the story of the reluctant exodus, when the last China Inland Mission members were forced from Communist China. The experiences of Arthur and Wilda Mathews answer the question: Can a Christian grow in the driest circumstances?

Nests Above The Abyss

First published more than 60 years ago, this book has become a classic about the work of the Holy Spirit in transforming lives characterized by fear, sin and darkness into beauty, joy and the hope of the resurrection. Isobel Kuhn was able to write as she did about the Lisu people of southwest China because she lived with them and shared their spiritual battles.

Ascent to the Tribes

Day was breaking on the far Thailand hills. A sense of something new coming had been scattered over the mountaintops. A new name was heard on the lips of tribe after tribe. Some wistfully wondered if He had power to dispel the darkness of their bondage to demons. Others whispered His name in secret fearing the consequences of open confession, but there were a few groups who would own Him as Savior and worship Him as the Son of God.

Whom God Has Joined

John and Isobel Kuhn were two ordinary people who made an extraordinary commitment — to put “God first.” With transparent honesty and humor, Isobel shares stories from her life as a missionary wife in China. Her exuberance and colorful style make those far-away places seem as close as next door, while her deep faith in God speaks to the deep needs we all experience.

Children of the Hills

Isobel Kuhn, with her husband John, longed to win the lovable Lisu people to Christ. She delighted in them and the simplicity of their lives. She says, “Lisuland is a place of physical hardness and spiritual luxury, but if you have ever tasted that luxury all else will be tame for ever after.” Isobel had the privilege of seeing the Spirit of God moving among an unreached people group.

“God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supplies.”

~ Hudson Taylor

John Sung: A Biography

This is an honest biography of an extraordinary man. No attempt is made either to conceal or to camouflage the idiosyncrasies and spiritual defects in John Sung’s personality. At first sight it is almost surprising that God should have been pleased to prosper his ministry so greatly. He had a strong will and a hot temper. He was independent to the point of being sometimes stubborn. A rebel as a boy, he remained an individualist all his life. He could be abrupt and even rude. His wife and family must at times have felt neglected. He was certainly a scholar, with remarkable academic attainments, but his Biblical preaching was never “scholarly” and could be grotesque.

Is there any explanation of John Sung’s great power? Why did God bring salvation to so many sinners, fullness of life to so many believers and revival to so many churches through his comparatively brief ministry of only 15 years (1929 – 1944) Can we learn from his experience what are the conditions of divine blessing? This book will make every reader ask, “Why did God honour the ministry of John Sung?” It will lead the reader to ponder carefully the qualities of the worker whom God blesses and the character of the work that He prospers. And it will show the relevance that John Sung’s story still has for us in 21st Century Asia.

Point Me To The Skies

The story of ambush had shaken them. ‘They are going to force you out. But you won’t make it to Xichang.’ ‘They will shoot you… on the mountain pass.’ As the Communists gained control of China, foreigners were no longer welcome.

The team packed what they could onto their mules and set out across the mountains. As they ascended the icy slopes, bleak mists closed in. The paths were treacherous, the future uncertain.

Joan had spent years trying to get to China, facing setbacks, discouragement and opposition. But she was sure God wanted her in China. Finally, reaching the ‘Great Cold Mountains’, things seemed to fall into place. Living and working with the Broomhall family, Joan felt, for the first time in her life, that she belonged.

Now she was being asked to leave. Did God really have a plan?

As Joan looks back, 60 years on, God’s faithfulness and sovereignty are clear. Her remarkable story shows us that there are some lessons we can only learn with hindsight.

Not Less Than Everything

What is stopping you from sharing the Gospel? Maybe you are too old. Or perhaps you are too young to be taken seriously. Maybe being a woman is throwing serious difficulties in your way.

Not Less than Everything by Valerie Griffiths will challenge the boundaries that are hemming you in and will change your understanding of how you can serve God.

This book is an account of the women who went to China from the late 19th to the early 20th century as missionaries with the China Inland Mission. Alongside the historical facts runs a faithful testimony of how God used these women in remarkable ways so that his name would be glorified across the vast Kingdom of China.

The contribution these women made is still being felt today and yet many were young, physically frail, some were poorly educated and others embarked on pioneering ministry in their old age. Their effectiveness came from one shared characteristic, their wholehearted desire to give not less than everything to carry the Christian gospel to China.

Mountain Rain

“Much of the spiritual teaching one hears does not seem to work. But I found that the Cross of Jesus Christ worked. I felt like a man perishing of thirst, to whom some beautiful, clear cold water had begun to flow … I had so much to learn! It seemed as if God was saying: ‘You are crying to me to do a big work among the Lisu; I am wanting to do a big work in you yourself.'”

James Fraser was only 22 years old when he abandoned a promising engineering career and went to China. At first sight of the Lisu tribespeople of Yunnan province he felt an immediate affection for them. For the rest of his life, he traveled on horseback over rugged mountains, laboring to bring the Lisu the good news of Christ. Packed with personal letters, insightful anecdotes, and riveting stories of missionary life in China, this superb biography by his daughter shines with God’s constant faithfulness and power over evil.

Live To be Forgotten

A portrait of the second General Director of CIM, D.E. Hoste. This bilingual narrative gives us a glimpse of the spiritual journey of a humble servant leader. From his conversion, he was fully committed and on fire. He showed humble perseverance even in his application with the CIM, eventually going to China as one of the Cambridge Seven. His humility was further tested as he worked under his co-worker and local leaders. Amidst the crisis during the Boxer Uprising in 1900, he succeeded Hudson Taylor to lead the CIM for more than 30 years. In 1929 despite the political instability causing many missionaries to return home, Hoste issued a call for 200 new workers for China, bringing CIM into the “Forward Movement”.

Through his life we can see how God moulded his servant leader. May God use this book to encourage and challenge the younger generation of today.

Grasping Heaven

Grasping Heaven is the story of a young lady doctor from Denver Dr Tami Fisk. Her journey led her to do pioneer work among the Yi minority in the Great Cold Mountains of West China. After three years her promising time in China was cut short as she was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. The ensuing story is her final journey that ultimately led to her death. A story of faith, courage and a remarkable sense of humor.

Grasping Heaven also reveals the striking parallels of Dr. Fisk and the life of Dr. Broomhall, who forty years ago was the first to work among the Yi. His time was cut short due to the communist take over. After three years he had to leave the country.

With excerpts from Tami’s journal, the book shares her anecdotes and observations of the Yi people in China, in particular her stories of being a Martian.


From Darkness to Glorious Light

“From Darkness to Glorious Light” is a compelling story of a man raised from the dead – physically and spiritually. Tam Ki was born in Machung, a tribal village hidden in the jungles of the Chin Hills, Myanmar. No foreign missionary had ever visited the village. No one had ever heard of Jesus Christ. But in 1973, Tam Ki died and was mysteriously transported to Heaven.

With no access to any Bible, Tam Ki received supernatural visions, dreams and healings from God. A former K’cho spirit worshipper, Tam Ki is now a remarkable evangelist and church leader, bringing God’s light to thousands of people trapped in darkness.

As in the Apostles’ times, signs, wonders and miracles abound in this book. God’s power is evident in Tam Ki – the blind see, the lame walk and the sick are healed. Be awed by our great God whose amazing power transforms lives.

Where your treasure is

A little over two years after it welcomed the first Japanese to its Sunday worship service, Itoi Church, located in a small town in Hokkaido, baptised its first believer in 1982. During the baptism service, the visibly nervous young believer stood up to share his testimony. It was an act that took great courage, but it marked the beginning of an amazing chain of events that would lead to more conversions and baptisms.

In this missionary’s autobiography, Melville Szto recounts his pioneering church-planting experiences in Japan – as well as his own spiritual journey – and gives readers inspiring glimpses of the grace of God at work in yielded lives and the power of God at work in “hard” places.


Entangled in addiction, abuse and idol worship, three women seemed beyond hope. An engaging story that paints a vivid picture of the challenges of contemporary Taiwan, a society where the traditional and ultra-modern live in unresolved tension. As these three lives demonstrate, the barriers to the Gospel are formidable, but still God is at work. Book previously named “Dead Women Walking”.

Dr Bruce Waltke: “Jennifer Su McIntyre gives a glimpse of God’s glory in the lives of three women who had lived their lives in the dark side of Taiwan culture. Her writing is lucid, insightful and edifying. She knows the depths of human depravity and the heights of God’s grace. This is a book that I will remember forever”

The Triumph of John and Betty Stam

As we were about to sail from Tilbury docks in London, the news came of the martyrdom of John and Betty Stam. They were missionaries, 27 and 28 years of age. They were roughly handled, stripped of their outward clothing, painfully bound, and publicly beheaded. They died – but not without the comfort and support of the Lord, and not without the light of life shining through the darkest circumstances life could bring. Missionary service for us was suddenly stripped of its glamor and China loomed before us as a dangerous assignment.

No Moss

As an old proverb goes, “A rolling stone gathers no moss.” With a career in Christian broadcasting spanning more than 50 years, David Huntley has worked, taught and preached in studios, stations and churches around the world. Join David on his journeys and challenges in God’s service. No Moss is his amazing story of how the Lord directed and provided for him and his family, through their years as “rolling stones” all over the globe.

Spirit of Eric Liddell

Includes black and white pictures and significant dates in Eric Liddell’s life. Eric Liddell was a rare kind of man. He is remembered not only as an Olympian, exemplary Christian missionary and educator, but as an outstanding ambassador of his generation.

Grace and Gratitude

Grace and Gratitude is the life story of an ordinary woman and her journey of faith with an extraordinary God. Grace marks every chapter of Mary’s life. In her fast-flowing narrative, the reader can detect the presence and providence of a loving God.

“The power of prayer has never been tried to its full capacity in any church. If we want to see mighty wonders of divine grace and power wrought in the place of weakness, failure and disappointment, let the whole Church answer God’s standing challenged; “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knows not.” 

~ J. Hudson Taylor


Lost Jade: 30 Days Prayer Booklet for the Yao

This page-a-day calendar includes a scripture, a short blurb explaining a specific aspect of Amdo life and culture, and prayer points related to that aspect. The calendar covers 30 days and includes a short introduction to the Amdo people.

Free? How the Gospel is Transforming Thai Students

More than 100,000 students are studying in universities and technical colleges across central Thailand. These univesities and colleges are places of influence, producing some of the key social and political leaders of the future. Challenging the thinking of these Thai young people is vital if we want to see a new generation of influential believers who both live and speak the gospel clearly. Pray for them.

Faces of the Black Tai: A Prayer Journey Through the Tai Dam World

Over the last 10 years much prayer has gone up for the Tai Dam – and exciting things happening. Believers meet in many provinces, boldly sharing Jesus with friends and family, miracles experienced, and males becoming Christian leaders. Based on first hand interviews and personal experiences of Tai Dam people.

Stories From Vietnam

With one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Vietnam is a place of dramatic change.  As Vietnam pushes forward, many are left behind.  More than half of rural Vietnamese live in poverty.  Amid these rapid changes, there are unprecedented opportunities for the gospel.  Will you pray for the people of Vietnam?

Pray For Cambodia

Cambodia is a nation with a broken past, a result of two recent wars and the purges of the 1970s. The effects of the devastation are still felt today. Spiritually, Cambodia has been under the sway of Buddhism and animism, but God is at work in this broken nation. The Cambodian church, nearly eradicated through persecution in the 1970s has grown from a few thousand to nearly a quarter million today.

I Love Laos

The collection of articles in this prayer guide is an attempt to describe life in Laos, in the hope that you will learn to love Laos.

The best way God’s people can demonstrate love for Laos is to pray for this nation and her peoples. Each article concludes with suggested prayer points. These are intended to springboard you into informed intercession for the people God loves in Laos.

Kham Tiberans – A Prayer Guide

Northeast of Mount Everest on the eastern edge of Tibet and spilling over into the Chinese provinces of Sichuan, Qinghai and Yunnan is the Tibetan area called Kham. Like so many in their part of the world, the Kham’s national identity is firmly rooted in their religion. To be Kham Tibetan is to be Buddhist. This has presented a huge challenge to the missionaries who have reached out to Tibetans over the past centuries. While through the years a few have accepted Christ, a Kham church has never been firmly established. Pray with us that the Kham people with grasp the truth of the gospel in a way that transforms their culture.

Nine Blessings for Thailand

God is moving in Thailand like never before; at least one person is coming to Christ every week, even every day in some places!

Over 170 years of evangelistic effort have been spent on Thailand and right now, we are seeing a slow, steady harvest. There is unprecedented interest in the gospel and over 1000 new churches have been started since the year 2000.

But the Thai are still one of the least evangelized people groups on earth. Only 0.5% of its 60 million people are believers and Buddhism has a strong grip. Break through will only come by prayer and the power of God.

30 Days of Prayer for the Shan

Once proud feudal rulers of vast lands in Burma, China and Thailand, the Shan are now a people with no land to call their own. Their communities suffer from illiteracy, addiction, prostitution, AIDS, poverty, broken families, and a loss of hope. Still, they are a very proud race, deriving great joy from their heritage. Their Buddhist faith, intricately combined with animism, is deeply rooted in their culture. One of the largest unreached peoples, numbering 5-7 million, they are a people in deep need of the gospel of Christ.

31 Days of Prayer for Japan

31 Days of Prayer for Japan calls upon God’s people to intercede for this ancient, yet modern nation. Through prayer, the battle for Japanese souls can be won. This prayer guide explores an array of issues confronting Japan, such as the high suicide rate, the pursuit of wealth and success, and the challenges of the Japanese church. Using this guide, readers gain insight into how to pray for the Japanese people.

30 Stories from Taiwan’s Working Class

In Taiwan, mandarin – speaking majority has many Christians and a great wealth of resources. But the majority of Taiwanese people are working class and largely unreached by the gospel. They are separated from their neighbours by language, education, culture and prejudices. Man working class, especially men, feel uncomfortable and inferior in traditional church situations. Outreach is extremely difficult.

Reaching Taiwan’s Working Class

Despite its modern, high-tech cities and veneer of Western influence, Taiwan is a deeply traditional society, steeped in idol worship and fear of the spirit world. The gospel has made little impact on this highly superstitious culture. This guide will help you know how to pray for the working-class majority so the light of the gospel will break through into their dark lives.

China Stories – A prayer guide 2012

China is one of the most influential countries in the world. It is also home to one of the fastest growing church movements in the world. God is at work in powerful ways in this ancient land.  Yet the needs are still great. More than 1 billion Chinese still do not know Christ.

China’s Cities – A Prayer Guide for Urban China

Contains 14 personal stories, from the marginalised urban poor to the educated professionals; the young to the elderly; Communist Party members to church leaders. Through these vivid narratives, readers will learn about the needs in urban China and be moved to pray and take part in God’s salvation plan for China’s cities.

Growing Up Among Worlds-30 Days of Prayer for Third Culture Kids

Through stories of real experiences (of TCKs from Europe, N America, Asia and Australasia), this guide will introduce you to some of the challenges faced by TCKs as they grow up in multi-cultural environments while their parents share the gospel. It will help you know how to pray for them. Thank you for joining us in prayer of Third Culture Kids.

The Prayer Of Faith

“J. O. Fraser, wise and successful church planter among the Lisu people of Southwest China, was also an engineer who believed in things working. These excerpts from his diary and letters, which have had a profound influence for many years, show how the prayer of faith brings victory in Christian life and service.” The original of this booklet was created from excerpts of Behind the Ranges, the original biography of James O Fraser.

A Christian’s Pocket Guide to the Buddhism

With its emphasis on meditation, morality, ceremonial purity, peace and ethics, Buddhism appears to most caucasians to be non-threatening. But in recent decades it has experienced considerable growth in the West, claiming in excess of 1.25 billion adherents worldwide. It is the third largest religion in the world, and has become one of the fastest growing.

As the twenty-first century unfolds, interaction between Buddhism and Christianity will increase. But while Christians and Buddhists mix freely across the globe, they often do not clearly understand each other. Whether you are travelling on business to Buddhist countries or befriending Buddhists living in the West, this book will help you understand and communciate effectively with your Buddhist friends.


A Christian’s Pocket Guide to the Chinese

This book is designed to help you if you have regular interaction with people from China. Firstly, it gives you a brief outline of the major changes that have taken place in recent history so that you can understand their cultural background.

Secondly, it looks at Chinese students in more detail. Why are they in your schools and universities? Where in China do they come from and what difference does that make? What has changed in their attitude to study? What is their lifestyle likely to be like? What will they think of you?

Thirdly, it looks at how best to befriend Chinese people and make them welcome in your country and Fourthly, how best to engage them in discussion (including a valuable FAQ section with answers and further resources to go to) and Fifthly, how to speak on spiritual topics.

A Christian’s Pocket Guide to the Japanese

Globalisation means that increasingly we meet people from a wider variety of nations and cultures.

The manufacturing revolution that has seen Japan become one of the top industrialised nations in the world means that more Japanese people are travelling abroad and more people are travelling to Japan.

What should Christian’s know about the Japanese? That question is answered by this book.

A Christian’s Pocket Guide to the Japanese firstly looks at the history, culture and religions common in Japan – and their attitude to Christianity.

Secondly, it gives guidance on how to befriend Japanese people (including a life-saving ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’ section) and thirdly how best to talk to them about Christianity itself.

A Secret Hope

Neighbouring villages considered the remote village of Taguangu, Philippines, trash. Its reputation was well-deserved. Tanguangu was little more than a den of loafers, brawlers, drunkards, gamblers and thieves.

Desperate for change, three Manobo believers asked God to send a missionary to Tanguangu.

At that very time, God called Ria Zebua from the tiny island of Nias in Indonesia to take the gospel to the Manobo people. But to whcih village shoudl Ria go?

A Secret Hope tells how God directed her and a team of Filipino missionaries to the Manobo in Taguangu – that lair of crooks and ruffians. there they God do the impossible again and again.

Dawn Harvest

Weaving together stories that reveal gripping, eye-opening, and hope-inspiring realities about the urban poor in the Philippines, Patrick Hobbs takes readers into the lives of men, women, and youth who daily face the challenges of life in the slums of the mega-city.

“I couldn’t stop reading… Dawn Harvest if an easy read about real people… set in a fictitious urban poor settlement. The grassroots work of Bukang Liwayway (Dawn for the Poor) has brought hope and new beginnings to many in the urban slums.” – Dr. Lee Wanak, Program Director, Center for Transformational Urban Leadership, Asian Theological Seminary.

Lambs Dancing With Wolves

Reaching people means crossing cultural boundaries; meeting people whose ways of life differ radically from our own. This involves facing the threats and traps of learning languages and new customs.

God’s command is to spread the love and good news of Jesus to all people. The title of this book is based on Jesus’ instruction to his disciples in Luke 10:3, “I am sending you out like lambs among wolves.” Christ does not send us, his lambs to live among wolves in order to be hurt or harmed, but rather to befriend them and win them over.

This comprehensive manual includes chapters on language, empathy, culture shock, appreciating other cultures, presenting the gospel, leadership, marriage and singleness, quality of life, and much more.

If you are a missionary, in training, or thinking of taking your profession overseas, this is frankly an indispensable book.

Help, My Halo’s Slipping

Do missionaries realize how weird they are? Some of them do. Laugh and cry with Larry and Paula Dinkins through their first term of missionary service. A must for those on the missions committee or considering service.

Their first term didn’t produce even the hint of a halo, but it did produce in them a greater determination to be more like the one they had gone to serve.

One World Two Mind

While cyberspace and concord jets have made the world so small that East and West meet regularly, when it comes to understanding one another, the two worlds are as far apart as ever. This book deals in broad strokes with the major differences in the mindsets of the two groups, not to encourage prejudice, but to evaluate these world views.

A Year In China

Jon has arrived in China to teach English for one year. Formatted as his letters home we hear, in a personal and relaxed style, of his struggles to settle into an unfamiliar culture where he is rendered illiterate and unable to communicate. As he begins teaching and gets to know his students, we hear his experiences and interactions with China and its people.

Bend The Church Reach The World

Prayer is the precursor to revival, and revival is the precursor to an upsurge in missions. The bending of the church through prayer is the root of revival, and the reaching of the world through missions is the fruit.

Your Church Can Make A Difference

Missions is not just a function of the church, it is the church’s supreme function, and what Jesus has made primary, His church dare not make secondary. Our Lord’s last great commission should be His church’s first great concern. The mission of the church is Missions.

Killing Fields Living Fields

2009 Edition

The heart-wrenching portrait of the Cambodian Church – the Church that would not die, told by a man who spent 20 years among the indescribable devastation in the crowded camps. The camps are now closed; the Church is free, and the time is ripe for growth and development. Killing Fields, Living Fields tells this complex story through the lives and testimonies of a handful of strategic Christians.

Konnichi wa Kiwi – Who ME…called to Mission?

In this book the author challenges you to discover what God wants you to do with your life. Konnichi wa Kiwi is the unique and facinating story of an ordinary person from New Zealand and his family who discovered what is was to cross cultural barriers and become Christian workers in Japan.

You too have a unique story of God’s grace. It is our hope that this book will help you discover what your story will be, and encourage you to share it with your world.

Meaningful Evangelism

Why won’t people believe the gospel? The core of the Gospel is simple: Christ died for our sins, was buried, was raised on the third day, and then appeared to many of His followers. Why couldn’t many people understand it, much less accept it? In this concise but insightful book, Andy Smith shows how the different sides of the Gospel could be used to connect with all kinds of people—people with different hopes, experiences, and views of the world. And with this connection could come a more meaningful sharing of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

China Christian Millions

Churches are growing all over China. Under Mao, Christianity virtually disappeared from sight, but was never stamped out. Now we are seeing what is probably the biggest revival in world history. Statistics from the Communist Party itself show exponential church growth. The author suggests reasons, and outlines sobering truths that Western Christians need to hear. His book is full of gripping accounts of courage, vision and faith. Includes a province-by-province guide, maps, photographs and a timeline.

My China Mystery

Frank and Ella White’s passion was to touch the peopole of China.  They met while working for the China Inland Mission in the 1940s, seeking to take the Gospel to a culture steeped in idol worship.  But their work was cut short and they were forced to flee.

In later years Frank rarely spoke of his time in China. It was only when he died that his daughter, Marion Andrews, discovered a treasure-trove of photos with accounts of his time there.  These photos, combined with his prayer letters, uncovered the mystery of her parents’ work in pre-Communist China.

My China Mystery will take you on a journey into another time and culture, as Frank and Ella White take the name of Jesus to a people in need. As Marion discovers her history in China and receives the honours of a war hero for his work in China, the mystery is revealed.

Myths & Missionaries

Thanks to our information-rich society and the availability of travel, a lot of ignorance about the mission field has been discarded. Churches seem much better educated about the nature and needs of the mission field.

But what about the missionaries themselves? What are the facts and fiction about them? What are they like? What do they need? Many North American churches are content to keep their missionary clothed in Superman’s costume. They prefer not to probe too deeply beneath the surface. The secular media often goes to the extreme, zeroing in on Clark Kent, and ridiculing him for his human fallibility.

The truth obviously lies somewhere between these two extremes, and if we want to pray intelligently for and support our missionaries, we must make a greater effort to separate the fantasies from the facts.

Who is My Neighbour?

Britain has always been a multi-cultural society. From Roman invasion to the present day, people from many nations tribes and ethnic groups have landed on these shores. Not all come to settle and live; many visit, coming for further study, business purposes and sightseeing. As the races, cultures and religions of the world arrive on our doorstep, we are presented with exciting opportunities.

The Christian is called to love their neighbour. To love someone we must understand them. What are their backgrounds? What do they believe? What are their problems and how can we help?

Rosemary Harley and Martin Goldsmith tackle these questions clearly and practically, as we are challenged to witness to people of all backgrounds and religious faiths through our actions and attitudes.

The Golden Triangle and Japan (Breifings)

A unique mix of thorough research and enjoyable writing, The Golden Triangle and Japan is the ideal way to get yourself up-to-speed on this part of the world. It contains stories of the growth of the church in the region and explores the relevant issues. It is a very welcome addition to the popular Briefings series.

Jonathan in the Middle Kingdom

This book chronicles the adventures of a first term missionary working in a “creative access country”.  This powerfully written book is particularly aimed to challenge people 20-35 years of age.

Four Days in the Jungle: Chefoo School

An account of four days in the jungle at Chefoo Elementary School, Malaysia.


No Solitary Effort

How the CIM Worked to Reach the Tribes of Southwest China

No Solitary Effort describes how members of the China Inland Mission engaged the tribes of Southwest China as part of their comprehensive plan to evangelize all of China from 1865 to 1951. That endeavor required the combined lifelong efforts of numerous missionaries, spanned several generations, and was invariably affected by events and decisions that occurred thousands of miles from where the actual ministry was taking place. The task was incomplete when the missionaries were forced to leave, but the foundations for the Church which were laid have stood. This book addresses the great challenges to cooperation that faced the missionaries. It also reveals the rich rewards that were obtained by the united efforts of committed Christians who had no timetable for withdrawal, but only an unwavering commitment to work together until the task was accomplished.

Radical Discipleship

Radical. Extremist? Terrorist? Christian? These days being radical is associated with violence and intolerance. But what does it mean for a Christian to be a radical disciple of Jesus? To parade around campus in your Christian hoodie? To wear your cross-marked wrist strapping to rugby? To get up before everyone else to read your Bible and pray?

Roger Steer has drawn together a collection of real life instances from Hudson Taylor’s remarkable life, with each one teaching, by example, the true meaning of radical discipleship. Hudson Taylor was a radical disciple. He seemed unremarkable in many ways and was only 21 when he began his ministry but he was committed and passionate about Jesus. He broke social and cultural expectations to remain true to the gospel. Far from being a negative thing, Taylor’s life shows us that being a radical disciple is about relationship-developing, social-working and Kingdom-building. It is about extremes of joy, peace, love and dependence on God despite suffering, poverty and ridicule.

Sorrow & Blood

Christian Mission in Contexts of Suffering, Persecution, and Martyrdom (Globalization of Mission)

This is a new publication in the Globalization of Mission series, Sorrow & Blood: Christian Mission in Contexts of Suffering, Persecution, and Martyrdom. The editorial team of William Taylor (USA), Tonica van der Meer (Brazil), and Reg Reimer (Canada) worked over four years to compile this unique resource anthology.

This book is the product of the Mission Commission’s global missiology task force and a worldwide team of committed colleagues and writers. Some 62 writers from 23 nations have collaborated to generate this unique global resource and anthology. Ajith Fernando of Sri Lanka and Christopher Wright of the UK each wrote prefaces to the book.

This latest WEA volume has the potential of profoundly shaping our approach to mission in today’s challenging and increasingly dangerous world.

Born For Battle

Dr. Neil Anderson of Freedom in Christ Ministries writes in his foreword:

“There was a time I thought I could explain the world through the grid of my Western rational and natural world view. When I turned to Christ for my own salvation, I was taught how to explain the failure of humanity by the nature of the fallen world and the ongoing struggle with the flesh. I learned about the kingdom of God but was taught little about the kingdom of darkness. Then someone put Arthur Mathew’s book ‘Born for Battle’ in my hands and I began to understand the nature of the spiritual battle that believers are called to engage in. `Born for Battle` is one of those Christian classics that needs to be read again and again by every generation. I trust it will do as much for you as it has done for me.”

Jesus Says Go

This book is for everyone who wants to bring the gospel of Christ to another culture. What doe it mean to enter another world? To leave friends and family? To use your training in a radically different way? And to be a servant? In an age when terrorists will die for their beliefs, what does it mean to us that Jesus said “Go”?

Whether you are considering missions as a life-long calling or a short-term missions trip, there are many factors to consider – family, acclimating to a foreign culture, monetary support, etc. Even our expectations need to be realistic and well-founded. Missionary stories of all types from around the world illustrate the problems, solutions, and ongoing challenges of the missionary life.

The Heart of Godly Leadership

“This is not a book of leadership theory. We have enough of those already. We need to develop skills that are part of the requirements for effective leadership. Allan tells us how, and the appeal of the book is that this is authentic stuff from a man of God who knows what he is talking about.” David Pickard.

Allan Webb’s book gets straight to the point about what makes a good Christian leader : Influence, Spiritual Authority, Vision and Faith, Servanthood, Lifelong Development, Calling and Equipping, and Competencies.

Also available in Chinese.

Not So Secret

This book will help you step beyond your own familiarity with the Bible, church, doctrine, prayer and Christian jargon, and reach out to those for whom these things are completely foreign. Graham Orr’s years of experience leading a church in urban Tokyo – one of the toughest places to do evangelism – have given him deep insight into how to reach those who have no knowledge of, or interest in, Christianity. Designed for those with busy urban lives, this book is full of stories, biblical insights, and ideas to put into practice.

Spiritual Leadership with Study Guide

A Christian classic for all Christians who want to know about God’s leadership in their lives. Spiritual Leadership will encourage you to place your talents and powers at His disposal so you can become a leader used for His glory. The book emphasizes character, passion and godliness of God’s leader. This edition has been completely revised. The language is updated with a modern flavor and a study guide has been added, designed as a tool to help you grow and successfully apply the principles in this classic book.

One Hundred Bible Lessons

One Hundred Bible Lessons, written by Dr Alban Douglas and first published in 1966, has editions in at least sixteen different languages. More than 400,000 copies have been sold, and the book continues to be an OMFLit bestseller. It features comprehensive outlines of major Christian doctrines and key themes to Christian life today. One Hundred Bible Lessons is an excellent reference for group and personal Bible studies, sermon preparation and Sunday school classes.

An Authentic Servant

This is a clear and penetrating insight into what it means to be a leader. This book combines good theology and deep personal devotion, and recaptures the centrality of the cross.

In these few pages Ajith Fernando cuts to the heart of the matter, raising critical questions often lost in our cultures of comfort. Are we willing for costly service? Do we yearn for those we lead? How can we keep our focus on the cross and let the paradox of joy in suffering seep down into our understanding, our personal discipleship? There is no other authentic Christian leadership.

Back to Basics: A discipleship Training Guide

‘This book is written out of the insights of a life given to the practice of being a faithful disciple maker. It is my prayer that this book will help many to catch Jesus’ vision for exercising an effective disciple making ministry.’ Rev Dr Calvin Ma, National Director, OMF Australia

Servant Ministry

Explores servanthood as the model for ministry, especially for those working in leadership roles. This title provides practical encouragement and insight for those in Christian service, whether in professional roles or as lay people. It combines insights from the life of Jesus and exposition of other relevant Bible passages.

Honourably Wounded

It’s always been tough. Whether you are serving the Lord as an office worker, a doctor, a missionary, or a teacher – if you put your head above the parapet you will get shot at. Sometimes you will get hit. This book is for all who have found themselves in the line of fire. Foyle draws upon her extensive clinical experience and missionary work to address depression, occupational stress, interpersonal relations, parental and home-country stress, singleness, marriage, children, burnout, and caring for Christian workers.

6 Ways to Reach God’s World

6 Ways to Reach God’s World is a series of seven brief 5 minute videos that help you discover how you can be involved through learning with intention, prayer, going cross-culturally as messengers of the gospel, sending (which includes giving), welcoming internationals around you and even mobilizing others for all of these strategic roles.

Nothing Else To Fear

In the face of real fears, theory is not enough. When terrible things happen, can you really believe that God is in control, that God is love? In Nothing Else to Fear, Ellis uses Scripture and candid accounts of his own experiences in Indonesia to prove that God can be trusted. He doesn’t offer a way to make your problems disappear. Instead, this humbling and awe-inspiring book will change the way you look at the world and your relationship with God.


Big Book of Questions and Answers About Jesus

Questions, questions, and more questions! Children don’t seem to run out of them. That’s why The Big Book of Questions and Answers About Jesus is here to help you answer them! Containing a wealth of activities, prayers, and Bible references, this interactive resource material can be used as daily devotionals for the family or as Sunday school lessons. Have fun as you and your child grow deeper roots learning more about Jesus!

Big Book of Questions & Answers: A Family Devotional Guide to the Christian Faith (Bible Teaching)

Questions! Questions! Questions! Children are full of them. Where did I come from? What is God like? Is there only one God? The Big Book of Questions and Answers is a family guide to the Christian Faith. It contains a wealth of activities, prayers, and Bible references. This interactive resources material will bring families closer together as they learn about the Christian faith.

From the Kitchen to the Heart

Combine love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control and what do you get? The Fruit of the Spirit!  How about if you combine butter, sugar and flour? Fruity cookies!

Put on your apron and be ready to have fun with your kids in the kitchen. With stories, recipes, illustrated instructions and interesting pieces of trivia, this one-of-a-kind cookbook will bring endless fun in the kitchen and timeless lessons for life.

White Devil

A manga-style graphic novel, brings the legendary story of Hudson Taylor to life.

Hudson Taylor sails for China in 1853 aged 21. The journey takes five months. Dressing like the Chinese and learning their language he starts to teach about Jesus. “Bai Gui!” they shout at him. White Devil! Their hatred is clear. Steeped in the cultural traditions of ancestor worship and idolatry, the Chinese want nothing more than for this Westerner to leave.

God’s Adventurer

Hudson Taylor was a teenager when God told him to go to China. Though he was alone, broke and critically ill, he hung on to that goal and to the God who was sending him. Would God be enough? Danger and adventure abound in this true story of a man who dared to risk and trust. Age 13 and up.

Back Home in Japan- Childrens Activity Book

Here’s a fun book about a missionary family living in Japan. Geared for six to ten year olds, it’s full of action pictures to colour, a story to enjoy, and puzzles to solve.

With the companion Back Home in Japan Parent/Teacher’s Guide, any adult can help the young reader really “get into” the adventure of living in Japan.

Granny Han’s Breakfast

When Granny Han went to her cupboard one morning, her cupboard was bare! Granny prayed for her food anyway, and before she knew it, a large and wonderful breakfast appeared before her eyes. Read the adult version of this true story and the other adventures of Granny Han in Pauline Hamilton’s “To A Different Drum” also available from Davidson Publishing.  Age 7-10

New Toes For Tia

An 8-year old girl in Thailand is crippled by badly burned feet. She’s sent to a hospital and gets much more than the new toes to help her run and play again.

The Gods Must Be Angry

Bradit loved to play at being Band Major. But then disaster struck – his stick knocked the head off of the Happy Idol! Father was furious, mother was horrified, and Bradit himself was very, very scared. It all ended in a bonfire. Age 5-8

Ian and the Gigantic Leafy Obstacle

Ian’s plans to visit another village in Thailand are ruined when a tree falls in front of his truck. Stuck in the forest with no one to help him, Ian sees God’s answer to his prayer come out from behind the trees.  Ages 5-8


OMF Singapore Calendar 2020

We are pleased to offer the 2020 Calendar in celebration of our 155th year as a mission-sending organisation! This calendar traces the development of CIM to today’s OMF International. Each month is accompanied by a watercolor painting hand painted by our very own Ling Zi from OMF Singapore!

The calendar is $10 per copy. If you are interested to order, please email Paul at sg.comm@omfmail.com for your order to us!



Christ Alone: A Pictorial Presentation of Hudson Taylor's Life and Legacy




  • 搜羅戴德生家族及中國內地會在華事工逾百幀珍藏照片
  • 中國內地會/海外基督使團在中國及東亞的事工概覽
  • 戴德生嘉言選集

本書榮獲ACP第三屆金書奬 中英對照,印刷精美,歷史資料豐富,極具收藏價值。

戴德生嘉言錄 (第三版)

Hudson Taylor’s Legacy

戴德生一生變化萬千,他的經歷使他能參透人情世故。在他所遇的種種事情上,都證實了 神是信實的。他相當長的事奉生命,以及帶來的種種影響,為 神的子民留下豐富的遺產。他為那些願意跟從 神、倚靠 神並相信 神的應許的人立下了美好的榜樣﹔這遺贈真非同小可。他充滿信心的生命,使他的信息極具說服力。他身體力行,以致他所講的都帶著權威。雖然他甚少撰寫文章出 版,但他的講道筆記和私人函件,卻包含豐富的聖經教導和實用的靈修心得。

一脈相承 : 戴紹曾牧師感恩文集

A Legacy Continues : In Appreciation of James Hudson Taylor III (1929-2009)

戴紹曾牧師是中國內地會創辦人戴德生的曾孫,他生於中國,長於中國,學成後又回到亞洲服侍。他秉承家族對神、對華人的愛,把生命投放在建立別人的生命上。 使團為表達對他生命的感恩,特別邀請一些熟悉戴牧師的基督教領袖,就戴牧師關注的以下四方面撰文,分享他們的心得。 1. 中國 2. 神學訓練 3. 亞洲宣教運動 4. 整合的服侍 全書200多頁包括近二十位中外人士的文章,當中不乏與戴牧師近距離接觸,生命影響生命的故事。但更多的是,多年來投身宣教或神學教育的忠心僕人,藉著對 聖經真理及事奉經驗的反思,娓娓道出他們深刻的感受、掙扎與自省。讀來叫人時而掩卷歎息,時而感動共鳴;原來跟隨耶穌、效法基督,真是酸甜苦辣、五彩繽 紛,可幸都是不枉此生。

回首百年殉道血 – 1900年義和團事件 殉道宣教士的生命故事

(In Remembrance of Martyrs A Century Ago – Records and Documents related to the Missionary Martyrs of the 1900 Boxer Incident)

1900年夏天在中國爆發了義和團之亂,令舉世震驚。數月間,數以千計信徒被殺,189名宣教士及其家眷殉難。 這本書就記錄了這些宣教士的生平事蹟。 189篇生命的故事,由蒙召上路、傳道服侍以至蒙難,讓我們近距離地進入這些殉道宣教士的生命,體會他們愛中國人、愛主的心腸,了解他們的國度胸襟和眼 界,如何在百多年前,為了堅守從上而來的呼召,無懼萬水千山,深入邊陲,至死忠心,以他們的血,灌溉了中華大地。 此書是作者繼《捨命的愛——中國內地會宣教士小傳》之後的力作,全書700多頁,史料詳實,圖文並茂,讓讀者更全面、準確、清楚地了解這段史實,聽見殉道 者心聲,認清宣教使命的代價,並從中領略神在背後的奇妙作為。


Alive Inside Out

書中描述的人物、地方都很平凡,但若走進他們的內心世界,感受一下,就會明白在中國居住、工作,在日常生活中活出我們所相信的福音是怎麼一回事。 為了慶祝戴紹曾博士的八十華誕,謹以此書呈獻給他;神使用他影響了許多基督徒專業人士投身全人服務。願此書也帶給你嶄新的挑戰,並激勵你以行動回應心中常存、活潑的盼望。


Even to Death The Life and Legacy of Samuel Dyer

在澳門的馬禮遜墓園,有一個墓碑屬於馬禮遜的學生台約爾。 台約爾是誰?他就是中國內地會創辦人戴德生的岳父:

  • 他一生「全為基督,全為中國的好處」而活
  • 他在180年前開始研究中文活字印刷,親手逐字劇鑄如今中文印刷最常用的細明體
  • 他本著溫和謙讓、順服的生命,在事工及人際關係上,活出了對基督的委身
  • 他以愛、以生命澆灌、栽培、影響他年幼的兒女,以至三個孩子長大後,都同樣獻身中國的福音事工


Pure Gold

一九二四年巴黎奧運會,英國短跑名將李愛銳(Eric Liddell,前譯李岱爾),被公認能穩奪一百碼金牌,但他知悉初賽安排在主日時,毅然拒絕參賽。對他來說,尊崇永生的神比一切榮耀更重要。結果他改跑不被看好的四百四十碼,而勇奪金牌,更締造世界紀錄。 這發人深省的一幕,隨著電影烈火戰車的描述,深印人心。可惜,電影在他奪得奧運金牌的高潮後便劃下句號。 《直奔金牌》一書,帶您一瞥銀幕以外的李愛銳生平。他生於中國,死於中國,也葬於中國。奪金後翌年,他追隨父兄腳蹤,返回中國宣教,在抗日戰爭的動亂歲 月,奔走城鄉救災賑饑,經歷槍林彈雨、土匪搶劫和日軍扣押,卻因事奉的喜樂輕看這些險阻。 李愛銳身體力行,鼓勵年青學子以及城鄉牧者,要準確地研讀聖經,忠實地解釋,嚴格地實行,並靠聖靈得力,持之以恆。對他來說,聖靈之於信徒,就如運動精神 之於運動員。

隱藏基督裏 : 何斯德小傳

Live to be Forgotton – D E Hoste

此書描繪中國內地會第二位總主任何斯德的屬靈生命,從他委身跟隨主、加入內地會、成為劍橋七傑之一,以至他如何謙卑地在同輩及中國領袖之下服侍。在義和團 之亂期間他臨危受命,接續戴德生領導內地會三十多年。1929年國內形勢險峻,英美宣教士紛紛回國,何斯德憑信號召二百位宣教士加入,帶領內地會進入「前 進運動」! 從他的一生,我們學習到神如何陶造祂的僕人領袖。深願神藉著這書,激勵新一代的年青人,被神完全得著。


僳僳使徒富能仁(James O. Fraser) 在二十二歲的盛年,放棄了錦繡前程,由英國來到雲南邊荒,為基督工作,也在基督裡成熟,最後埋骨在那裡。他的女兒 Eileen Crossman 從他自己的資料中,向今日的讀者顯示這位聖徒靈裡得勝的隱祕。




牧杖權杖 --屬靈領袖的操練

The Heart of Godly Leadership

韋艾倫牧師 Rev. Allan Webb 在澳洲牧會多年,深受會友愛戴; 韋牧師多年來為神造就不少出色領袖,他結集寶貴經驗,以聖。 七個作屬靈領袖的重要原則:

  1. 以身作則 - 在當跑的路上以個人的行為表現作榜樣
  2. 君子慎獨 - 生命素質重於事奉技巧與領袖魅力
  3. 高瞻遠矚 - 以信心的眼界看見神的旨意
  4. 乃役於人 - 偉大源自謙卑,以服侍去帶領
  5. 畢生之旅 - 一生追求成長:品格、技巧與價值觀
  6. 整裝上路 - 力求裝備自己,操練聖靈恩賜
  7. 恩主導我程 - 耶穌乃領袖的典範

“韋艾倫牧師的領袖觀並非停留於理論,他以生命的傳遞建立”  馮浩鎏醫生 “作領袖的真義就是知性的認識與生命的敬虔互相結合,私生”  戴紹曾牧師


Nothing Else to Fear: Holding Fast to God in Tough Times



艾德維(David W. Ellis)為蘇格蘭教會牧師,歷任海外基督使團(OMF)(前中國內地會)印尼工場主任及英國地區主任,夫妻二人四十多年來在世界各地服事不輟。

本書生動記錄作者及家人在印尼屢次遭遇危難,如何蒙神保守而脫險的奇妙經歷。同時作者也帶領我們深入研經,從聖經真理中找到不再懼怕的祕訣。他從神在歷史 的作為中,闡明神是歷史的掌權者,無論什麼邪惡的事,到頭來必被掌管一切的神用來達成祂的旨意。歷史終必歸結到十字架,至終祂的國權必遍及全地。敬畏神是 我們唯一的盼望,也是懼怕的解藥。



有人說歷史是我們最好的良師。聖經歷史中的君王,他們的成敗得失,給後人引以為鑑。宣教歷史中的先賢,留下佳美的腳蹤。當代領袖,無論是在政治舞臺舉足輕 重的人物,或是備受推崇的公衆人物,我們聽其言,觀其行。無論是聖經中的君王,宣教歷史中的先鋒,或是現代的領袖,他們生命中的一點一滴,都帶來正面或負 面的震撼。我一直以來,都希望能找到有一本能從這三方面探討屬靈領袖的一本好書,但覺得這樣的想法不免過分貪心,這樣三合一的書,實在難找,但《與君對話 ──南北十王興衰的探討》終於面世,一償我的心願。


幔子撕破了- 得見光明

出生於一個著名正統穆斯林家庭的高姍●法蒂瑪,自少失去母親又在癱瘓。當她摯愛的父親在她十六歲那年也去世時,她的世界像是走到了盡頭。 就在她悲痛若絶時,真主向她說話,要她讀古蘭經中的麥爾彥篇,尋找得醫治好她,並一步一步的帶領她更深入的認識祂的愛,過一個榮耀祂的生活。


任差何往: 差傳事工策略手冊

《任差何往》是一個禱告,也表達了一種態度,使讀者體會陳方牧師對福音使命的順服與迫切。 陳方牧師在香港和新加坡牧會,到非洲訪宣,累積了二十五年牧養、差傳、教導和宣教的經驗,撰寫《任差何往》,不但有理有情,並且可行。本書很生動實際,為 個人和教會提供了差傳意識?怎樣招募、挑選和教育有心踏入宣教事工的弟兄姊妹的差傳意識?怎樣招募、挑選和教育有心踏入宣教事工的弟兄姊妹?教會當如何支 持宣教士?何謂「三合一差派」?教會應當如何去選擇所要支持的宣教士或禾場事工?如何為差傳預算籌款?何謂信心認獻?如何在教會建立良好的差傳氣候?相信 作者的心願是這些知識會產生適切的意識和行動。


Each To Her Post


何莉莉如何克服種種困難,單獨地在一個語言不通的部族裏傳福音? 珍妮如何為了福音的緣故,長時期忍受與丈夫遠隔重洋? 金寶恩又為什麼甘願放棄舒適安逸的家庭生活? 這六篇栩栩如生、觀察入微的傳記,為她們大無畏的精神與奉獻捨己的生命,作了最好的詮釋。同時,我們得以一窺中國內地會(現改名為海外基督使團)早期的宣教工作情形,這在別的傳記上是很難讀到的。


赤棉統治下的九個感人片斷 Nine compelling stories from Pol Pol’s Cambodia Scenes from Killing Fields, Living Fields

1920年間,柬埔寨教會在一群種稻米的農夫中間建立起來,但自始即遭同胞唾棄,飽受逼迫。在70年代赤棉統治期間,更被連根拔起。 本書自同名三十萬字鉅著《殺戮中的再生》選輯了發生於赤棉統治期間的九個故事。四十頁不到的小書,卻盛載著難以言喻的沉重。母親默默照顧垂死的兒子,把屍身親自埋葬;全家面臨處決,父親勸勉愛兒從容就義… 原著集近代史、傳記、宣教學、教會史、政治分析及優美的文學於一身,縷述一個個感人至深的見證。中譯本仍在製作中,盼於明年出版,敬請在禱告中記念。


Nurturing Missionaries Children

本書不在於介紹一些未經考證的理論,乃是一些富經驗的華人宣教士父母及老師們,分享神如何在家庭中彰顯信實。這些活生生的見證,為正考慮作跨文化事奉的家 庭作出極大的鼓勵;也為華人差會及教會領袖,在與宣教士父母同工時,提供有建設性的參考資料;更幫助代禱伴侶,有目標地為跨文化宣教士家庭代禱。


Help! My Halo’s Slippin


宣 教士的頭上有光環嗎?本書作者積聚多年跨越文化宣教的經驗,以輕鬆幽默的筆法,與你分享他在泰國第一期宣教事奉的心路歷程。他不但指出泰國這個佛教國家的 風土文化及屬靈需要,同時亦說明宣教士也是一個普通人而已。本書亦能夠幫助讀者更具體地為宣教士禱告,是推動信徒參與宣教事奉的好材料。

From The Mountains To The Valleys


When Flowers Bloom Than Barb Wires




31天禱告手冊(2012年出版) 昔日,北朝鮮是東亞基督徒增長最快速地區,平壤更被譽為「東方耶路撒冷」。今天,北韓卻是全球逼迫基督徒最嚴厲的國家,估計有10萬基督徒仍被囚於勞改 營。 昔日,北韓擁有肥沃的耕地。今天,北韓糧食短缺,無數人民瀕臨死亡邊緣。 北韓,一個亟需要禱告守望的地方,你是否願意與上帝同工,藉禱告把盼望帶給北韓?






God’s Adventurer







Tall Pine Mystery

葛邁高和太太素施是使團宣教士,他倆帶著兩個女兒,千里迢迢從加拿大來到泰國,希望為這裏的人做點事情。剛抵泰國時,葛氏一家四口住在清邁,學習泰語和適應當地生活。 雖然十歲的麗珊和八歲的安琪就讀英語學校,但她們掌握泰文的進度比爸爸媽媽還要快。四個多月前,葛氏夫婦搬到克倫族人聚居的高松村去。由於村內沒有學校,麗珊和安琪便跟其他宣教士子女留在清邁的河屋。今回還是她們頭一趟回新家去哩。 本書適合中小至高小兒童閱讀。


Harold & Stanley Say Goodbye





Good Classmates



Before the Moon Dies

本書主角亞拜,無意中聽到村民計劃在月亮死去的當夜,要把他被鴉片毒害 、無法自拔的爸爸殺死。究竟誰能幫助、拯救他們脫離這個危機呢!



Bruto 99

布濤興高采烈「上班」去,照顧一百隻鴨子的責任重大,卻又輕鬆寫意。 在這特別的一天,他上了生命中特別的一課。


Happy Ge Ge & Mei Mei : Life on the Cold Big Mountains


兩個小朋友在這本書中分享他們在中國西部大涼山上,居住在少數民族當中感人的生活點滴。小朋友的爸爸是醫生,媽媽是老師。為了愛!他們選擇離開熟悉、舒 適、現代化的老家及家人,去服事一群有需要、貧苦、生病的人。哥哥和妹妹完全認同他們父母親所做的,因此,他們知道何處是家,也了解什麼是真正的快樂。

TWO children share a heart warming story of daily life and service among minority people in the Big Cold Mountains of West China. Bringing love, their parents (a doctor and a teacher) leave family and the comforts and conveniences of modern society to serve the needs of the poor, and the sick. Ge-Ge and Mel-Mei share the commitment of their parents and by so doing learn where home is and what happiness really is.

變、變、變 ● 探索新地方

When Everything Is Different──Exploring Your New Country With Panda And Jo