Serve Asia -Short Term Mission

Do you have 2 weeks or more to spare? How about going on an overseas trip with a difference? Join our short-term missions programme, Serve Asia!

Serve Asia is OMF’s short-term missions discipleship programme designed to:

  • Give spiritually mature and dedicated Christians an opportunity to observe missionary work first-hand,
  • Assist locals and missionaries in their ministry, and
  • Evaluate God’s calling in your life in terms of possible long-term overseas service in East Asia.

Serve Asia is flexible to fit your schedule and ministry type. A Serve Asia trip ranges from 2 weeks to 12 months. You will work with and under the supervision of OMF missionaries on the field.


For those interested to find out more about short-term missions opportunities, please click on the link below.

Opportunities for Short Term Missions

Chances are, you’re ready to go if:

  • You are a spiritually mature person.
  • You are actively serving in your home church.
  • You are willing to adapt to the lifestyle, customs and climate of the Asian country you will go to.
  • You have an attitude of servanthood, willing to do what is needed on the field.
  • You are at least 18 years of age (some fields may require an older minimum age) and in good health.

Your involvement will depend on your talents, the country and the missionaries to which you are attached. There is a wide variety of tasks, including:

  • Helping missionaries involved in church planting, both in urban and rural settings.
  • Teaching conversational English. Many young people and adults in East Asia are keen to learn English.
  • Evangelism, distributing literature, youth and student outreach.
  • Administrative work in the OMF field office or for missionaries who lecture in Bible colleges or secular universities.
  • Caring for children and household chores.
  • Other useful skills include, being able to play/teach a musical instrument, a willingness to try anything and a sense of humour!

There are opportunities in many East Asian countries. Your programme will give you the greatest benefit in a country where your qualifications and convictions make you a long-term prospect for missionary service.

All your expenses should be self-supported or supported by your home church. The total cost is dependent on the country you are going to and duration of stay. It will include return airfare, board and lodging, and administrative fees. Our Serve Asia Coordinator can advise on the costs applicable for your destination country and also based on the nature of the ministry you would be undertaking.

Serve Asia Launch

Be equipped for your Serve Asia short-term mission placement and connect with other Serve Asia workers from around the world serving across East Asia. Learn and be mentored by missionaries. Find out more about what God is doing amongst East Asia’s peoples and take time to prepare your heart, mind and hands for service.

Thinking about doing short-term mission in 2019? Launch, OMF’s new mission discipleship course, is a great way to prepare.

Spend four weeks in Chiang Mai, Thailand with other short-term workers from around the world learning about world mission and preparing to serve the people of East Asia.

Serve Asia Stories