OMF International, formerly the China Inland Mission (CIM), was founded by J.Hudson Taylor in 1865. CIM was a forerunner of the faith missions movement, which became one of the most respected missions working in China.

Hudson Taylor and the mission’s early pioneers felt compelled to obey Christ’s command to preach the Gospel to all and committed their lives to planting churches in every inland province of China.

In 1951, CIM made a reluctant exodus from China. The leadership responded to God’s challenge to redeploy CIM missionaries to the East Asian nations that rimmed China. This represented a new beginning for CIM, which was renamed Overseas Missionary Fellowship in 1964 and become OMF International in 1993.


As part of an international body of more than 1400 members from 30 nations reaching 70 people groups in Easia Sia, OMF Singapore is committed to mobilise Singaporeans for the urgent evangelisation of East Asia’s millions.

OMF/CIM Timeline

1832 James Hudson Taylor is born.
1853 Hudson Taylor embarks on his first missionary voyage to China.
1865 Taylor founds the CIM (China Inland Mission).
1866 Taylor, his wife, four children and 16 missionaries, sail for China. During the journey 20 crew members become Christians.
1900 The Boxer Uprising. Thousands of Chinese Christians and hundreds of missionaries are murdered, including 58 adults and 21 children from CIM.
1905 Taylor dies in Changsha, China, aged 73.
1949 The Communists take over China.
1950 The evacuation of CIM workers begins.
1953 The ‘reluctant exodus’ of CIM workers is complete. OMF missionaries are now working in Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia.
1975 OMF (Overseas Missionary Fellowship) and BEM (Borneo Evangelical Mission) integrate their work.
1980 Rapid changes in East Asia’s economy enable Christians with professional skills to work in countries that are closed to traditional missionary work.
2006 Patrick Fung takes over as OMF’s first Asian General Director
now We currently have just under 1400 members from 40 nations working throughout East Asia , and serving in Western nations where East Asians work or study .
Hudson Taylor circa 1865

Hudson Taylor circa 1865

Cover of the Occasional Paper of the China Inland Mission in 1875.

Cover of the Occasional Paper of the China Inland Mission in 1875.


The Lammermuir Party included 16 missionaries and the Taylors' four children.

The Lammermuir Party included 16 missionaries and the Taylors’ four children.