Loving the Way Jesus Loved

My first trip to Cambodia was in 2005. Before that trip, I knew only two things about the country — Angkor Wat and the Khmer Rogue. However, I was intrigued enough to read history in university. As I learnt of the country’s past and made frequent short trips to Cambodia, I grew to love the people and had my heart burdened for the lost.

Therefore in 2014, I took time off from work and spent six months in Cambodia, with two-thirds of the time spent in Neak Loeung. What a privilege it was!

Shirley’s Serve Asia trip in 2014

First, there was so much to learn from the missionaries I met, in particular, Hak Hyun and Seung Won. They modelled what trust in the Lord Jesus looked like in difficult situations; they showed how they loved and interacted with the locals in spite of their own weaknesses; they cared greatly for their co-workers toiling in the field with them; and they were and still are such an encouragement because of their love for Jesus and the people they served.

Then, there were members of the church. They showed so much kindness and hospitality, often worrying if I were safe or fed (they often turned up at my house with food)! When I was in Neak Loeung, I looked forward to the church’s monthly meal together after service (yay for food)! It was not just food they shared, but it was sharing in one another’s lives as they encouraged and prayed for one another, and serving the body of Christ.

Sunday Lunch Fellowship, Nov 2019

Over the years, I continue to be encouraged by them. On my last visit, I learnt that the church is committed to supporting a full-time worker to serve the Gospel in another province. Besides their weekly outreach to the surrounding villages, they are involved in supporting mission/outreaches in other provinces. I thank God for their love for the lost and pray that they will continue to be eager to proclaim this excellent news of salvation. As I learnt of the young people in universities in Phnom Penh returning to Neak Loeung weekly to serve in church, and watched the older ladies help the younger women read the Bible in service, I was and continue to be thankful for their love for God and for one another.

Sunday Service with a Cambodian Church, Nov 2019

May He who began a good work bring it to completion!

~ Shirley Seah


It is nothing like being out there, experiencing and seeing for yourself what God is doing in the lives of people on the field. Shirley has stepped out and her life has since been touched, would you consider joining God at where He is at work?

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