My Hanoi Trip Encouraged Me To Share The Gospel

I am Kelly from Singapore and I went to Hanoi, Vietnam, to serve for a month in May 2017. Honestly, I have so many awesome experiences that I am spoilt for choices regarding which experience to share about. Let me share about my Gospel sharing experience since this has impacted me greatly in my spiritual journey.

In Singapore, I do invite friends to church, and yes I do mention Christianity in my conversations with them. However, I have not tried to share the Gospel intentionally. By intentionally, I mean sitting them down one day and sharing stories from the Bible and telling them why I believe in God. Never exactly have I turned to a friend I made less than a week ago and ask, “Do you believe in God?” Neither have I imagined myself flipping through the Bible and inviting a non-believer to read verses from it out loud.

You know what is amazing? I have done all of that in Hanoi.

I remember that Saturday during my first trip to Vietnam, Christel and I were invited to go on an outing with two of our new friends. We had a great trip to a tourist attraction and decided to go to a coffee shop for a cup of coffee. As we sat down for coffee, we each turned to one friend and pulled out a Gospel-sharing resource that we had gotten from a worship service that Thursday. I pulled out my Vietnamese-English Bible and asked him to read some verses out loud. After that, I shared the parable of the lost son before explaining what each character of the story represented. He was intrigued by the story. I proceed to go through some reflection and thought-provoking questions as I talked about Jesus’ sacrifice of dying on the cross. He was so earnest in his replies, thinking hard before answering my questions. As we continued our discussion on Christianity, I invited him to church (the next day) and was surprised that he was keen to go.

What an unforgettable Gospel-sharing session. This experience has shaped me to be more intentional when I share the Gospel. Maybe this is why the experience stood out for me, making it the experience that I want to share the most. In Hanoi, the harvest is plentiful indeed, where everyone is so keen to know more about the Gospel. That is why I would love to go back and feel the joy of sharing the Gospel, and you should too!