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East Asia is changing rapidly, but OMF’s essential objectives remain consistent for over 150 years.

The East Asian Church is growing and planting churches of their own. Hudson Taylor described missions work as ‘the scaffolding of the church’. Missionaries are not meant to be permanent features on the field. They are to support the building of the local church, empowering the locals to eventually take over the leadership and run on their own.


Hellos! Take STEPS is now open for registration!

Usually held from a Friday evening till Sunday, STEPS Missions Weekend is designed with an unique step-by-step approach to help you in your journey to discern God’s leading. During this live-in weekend programme, you will have time and opportunities for guided personal reflection, learning, praying and sharing with other fellow participants. Each participant will be assigned a small-group mentor for the weekend to listen and to guide you through.

The details are as follows:
Date/Time: 6 March 2020 (6:30pm) – 8 March 2020 (5:00pm)
Venue: OMF, 2 Cluny Road, Singapore 259570
Cost: $130/pax, $240/married couple, $35/2-10 yrs old, 2 yrs & under free (for Meals, Materials & Lodging)

*Registration closes on 21 February 2020. For all inquiries, please email us at

Download the STEPS Application Form here to register and email/mail it back to us.