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God is on the move in East Asia, would you like to see how? Join us, use your skills, stretch your faith and find a place to serve.

Serve Asia is OMF’s short term missions programme for those who want to serve East Asia’s peoples for up to 12 months. With a focus on mission discipleship it is designed to equip and encourage you and your sending community to find your place in all that God is doing in East Asia and beyond.


The Lunar New Year is a key time for Chinese families in Singapore when children are expected to show filial piety, appropriate honor and respect, to their parents. They can do this as they join in with the annual family reunion and hopefully can share about a career and lifestyle the parents can be proud of. But at this time of the year, it can be a challenge for Chinese Singaporean missionaries who are sent out who want to honor their parents, but may not be able to make it back for the family reunion.

So every Lunar New Year, the OMF Singapore staff and volunteers fan out, armed with oranges, the traditional fruit of the festival, to visit the families. The visits, alongside special events around the year for parents, help show filial piety to missionaries’ parents.

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