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She heard voices telling her to die

One day, I was alone at Pearl Family Garden, our ministry to prostitutes, when someone barged in. I recognized her as Xiaohui, one of the ladies who worked on our street. She pulled out a big Bible and crucifix from the waistband under her shirt.

“Save me! I need help! Can you help me? I’ve been having trouble lately.” Xiaohui heard voices that told her to die. She was even hospitalized a few days ago because of an overdose.

I thought it would be better for Xiaohui to talk to someone familiar, my colleague Tera. Tera told her, “Calm down. Pray and commit your life to Jesus.”

Xiaohui kneeled down to pray. Later, she showed me her pills.

“Will you be here tomorrow? I don’t want to be alone. I’m afraid that you’ll abandon me. If I go back to the other gods this time, I’ll surely die.”

Xiaohui looked out, as if there were monsters lurking on our doorstep. I recalled that she had been baptised many years ago but went back to temple worship after having a car accident.

Since Xiaohui lived in Keelung, Tera assured her that the team in Keelung could visit her. A few days later, our sister ministry – the Promised Land team, along with the pastor from another local church, visited her and at her request, helped removed all the idols in her home.

Since then, Xiaohui has left the sex trade to be a security guard. Pray that she can persevere in her new job and find fellowship in Keelung.

There are many ladies in the sex trade who have mental, emotional and spiritual problems. Pray that they’ll find peace and freedom in Christ.


Sin Ee

– Taipei


Watch to find out more about Pearl Family Garden:

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