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Sharing Jesus, Rain or Shine!

Sam, a 2023 Serve Asia Worker who served in Thailand, tells us today about what his day to day experiences were like:

“When I returned to my home country and thought about the time in south Thailand, the image of visiting people’s homes with the missionaries always stood out. We looked forward to all visits with joy because we could share the love of Jesus with them.

This is something we did in our everyday life. We would prepare the guitar, song books, and the cooler that contains food for the missionaries’ little daughter, get in the car, and head to the homes we were visiting.

Sometimes we sit on the floor, sometimes they serve us fruit, and even gave us more to bring back home.

There were times we found that they were not there when we arrived, and sometimes we were trapped by a sudden heavy rain and was unable to go anywhere.

During the visitations, the missionaries would share Bible stories, sing worship songs with them, pray for their needs and we experienced the ups and downs of their life with them. Although not every visit would go smoothly, no matter what kind of reaction we faced, as long as they did not chase us away, it was a good opportunity to share the gospel. My Thai language makes it impossible to have many conversations with them, let alone share things with them. But thank God, I could bless them with my testimony that was translated into Thai and by praying for them. Whether I prayed in my heart or opened my mouth to pray for them in my mother tongue, God was letting me learn to serve others more with prayer, and I continually saw God’s faithfulness.

In such a countryside area, life is simple, and the interactions between people are real and warm. However, many people do not know Jesus, or never heard of Jesus. Our visits to each family may seem slow and insignificant, but we know that we are not relying on ourselves, but on the Lord Almighty. There is hope in God, there is strength in His grace, and nothing is impossible in God’s hands.”

Written by Sam

Sam served as a short-term volunteer in South Thailand for many months in 2023

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