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Having studied at bible school in Thailand Ami, a Lisu Christian, has returned to Myanmar where she is part of a group which focuses on student evangelism and discipleship. Ami’s tribal background does not stop her from interacting and sharing with the different people groups of Myanmar, including the Burmese.

A few years ago Ami was invited to speak at a youth camp which would be attended by army personnel. Having been told there would be other speakers she got there to find that she was the only one! Feeling nervous about her language abilities she stood up to teach God’s Big Picture, the story of God’s Kingdom from beginning to end.

The men stayed to listen to the whole talk and when it was finished a 50 year old soldier stood up, with tears running down his face, and received Christ. During the camp gathering, there was an earthquake which broke in half a chedi- a Buddhist monument used as a site for mediation. At the same event a Christian Karen army commander asked her to come and speak with his wife. She did not receive Christ on this occasion but listened to all that Ami told her.

We praise God for how he has been working through Ami to reach out to the different people in Myanmar, where culture and language can cause divides and hinder efforts to share the gospel.

Will you pray for Myanmar?  

  • Please pray for Ami and other cross-cultural workers in Myanmar.
  • Pray for opportunities to share about Jesus, and for God’s guidance in sharing with people from different cultures or backgrounds.
  • Pray for God’s provision to continue in their ministries.

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