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Sharing a vision for cross-cultural mission in Vietnam

After several years in Vietnam Tina had the opportunity to get involved in a small local church. Like many newer churches in the city, the members of the church were largely students and young people who had become followers of Jesus in the last two or three years. In fact Vietnam has a very young population, 70 per cent are under 35, and so this church is a healthy reflection of that statistic. Coming to serve

Over time, Tina had various opportunities to serve as a regular church member and get to know her brothers and sisters in Christ. Chatting to some of the young people she realised how few of them were aware of the need for the Good News to still be shared in their own country and beyond.

In Vietnam, apart from the majority Kinh people (who remain largely unreached themselves) there are also many unreached minority people groups. Though Christians in the country are aware of these groups in social terms, it is quite rare to meet someone who understands that they are called to ‘go and make disciples’ among them.

Sharing a vision

Tina wondered what she could do to share vision for cross-cultural mission with this church. Her first step was to start meeting with Lan, an enthusiastic young leader who seemed interested in learning more. Together they worked through a short course introducing missions through Bible study and through stories of kingdom work throughout the world.

Then, with the agreement of the senior pastor, Lan and Tina got together with a small group of interested church members and they used the course to look at the message of mission in the Bible, beginning with God’s promises to Abraham. Over the weeks this little group learnt more about some of Vietnam’s own needs for mission and they began praying for some minority people groups. An additional blessing was seeing Lan develop her own skills in leading a small group, which she did with Tina’s encouragement and example.

The next stage is to for Tina and Lan to take a group from this church to travel to a rural area in northern Vietnam and to pray for the people groups that are found there. Maybe they will also have the opportunity to share the good news with those they meet?

Making disciples of all nations

Though the church is still small in Vietnam, it has a role in making disciples of all nations. Will you pray for Vietnamese believers to increasingly grasp their part in God’s purposes for the nations? May these small sparks in one church lead to a wider church on fire to obey the Great Commission.

Will you pray for the East Asian Church?

  • Give thanks for Tina’s church and their growing vision for mission.
  • Pray that this will continue and that some members of the church may feel called to further involvement.
  • Pray for the wider Vietnamese church to increasingly grasp their part in the Great Commission.

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