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Shame on us

Sunday, December 27. We thought it would be just our family at church that day, as all the regular attenders had told us they would be going back to their homes in the Northern provinces over New Year.

We left the house a little later than usual. On the way, Brian’s phone rang. “Oh, it’s Muu,” he said with surprise. Muu asked if there would be church today. “Yes, yes, we’re on our way,” Brian answered.

Our worship time was just about to begin when a motorcycle taxi pulled up close to the ministry center, and two young ladies got off. We didn’t think much of it, as sometimes people get off at our corner and then walk back further into the neighborhood.

BUT then we saw what was in the one girl’s hand: an invitation to last week’s Christmas program, with the map to the church on the back. “They’re coming to church!” Bekah just managed not to shout.

We learned from Yaya that earlier in the week she had found the invitation to the church on the ground. “I was so excited to learn that there is a church right here,” she enthused. “Occasionally I have gone to a church in Bang Pa-In, but that is so far to travel.”

Muu shared with Brian after Yaya and her friend Mor had left the center: “That night we gave out invitations to the Christmas service, I saw someone just throw it on the ground. That made me feel like stopping, right then and there. But it’s just like you said, our job is to do the work God is leading us to do. God will do the rest. Yaya might never have found out about the church if someone hadn’t thrown their invitation on the ground!”

Sunday the 27th was a faith-building day for us, too. We had not been surprised, but we had been disappointed, when no one new had come to the Christmas program on the 20th. Little did we anticipate what God had orchestrated in the meanwhile.

Over the past month, it has become clear that Yaya is gifted in evangelism. She has brought 9 different people to church over the course of 3 Sundays. We have been praying earnestly for the Lord to provide two evangelists for ministry in this area. It would appear that Yaya is one of them!

Brian and Bekah Farber

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