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My name is Bann Sambor, and I am from the vibrant land of Cambodia. For a couple of years, I immersed myself in the enriching environment of Singapore, pursuing my passion for theological studies at Discipleship Training Centre (DTC). I started interning with OMF Singapore from April 2023 until 1 May 2024.

You might wonder what led me to OMF Singapore. Well, it is my fervent desire to deepen my understanding of Christian ministry and outreach in a global context. OMF Singapore is renowned for its dedication to missions and its commitment to transform communities amongst East Asian peoples. Therefore, it seems like the perfect fit for someone with aspirations such as mine. My journey in OMF Singapore is not just about gaining practical experience or enhancing my skills; it is aligning my heart to OMF’s mission to bring the transformative power of the Gospel to diverse communities, both locally and globally. It is stepping out of my comfort zone, embracing new challenges, and ultimately, growing in my faith and understanding of God’s purpose for my life.

Sambor (2nd Row, third from right) with volunteers and other soccer players from different countries.

In essence, my decision to join OMF Singapore is rooted in a deep-seated belief in the importance of cross-cultural missions, service to others, and the power of faith to transcend boundaries and transform lives. During my time here at OMF Singapore, I’ve had the privilege of taking part in a diverse array of activities and engagements that have deeply enriched my understanding of cross-cultural ministry and community outreach. One of the standout experiences for me was participating in outreach activities with the Diaspora Ministry. Engaging with individuals from various cultural backgrounds, hearing their stories, and sharing moments of fellowship and camaraderie left a profound impact on me.

Sambor introducing OMF to a church member

As I reflect on my time with OMF Singapore, my best memory undoubtedly revolves around the vibrant missions month activities. Visiting churches, engaging with passionate believers of Christ, and witnessing their fervour for spreading the Gospel ignited a fire within me. The sense of unity and shared purpose during those moments was truly inspiring and reinforced my commitment to serving God’s kingdom.

Looking ahead after my internship, I am eager to continue serving in various capacities within the church. Whether it is through active involvement in ministry initiatives, leading small groups, or participating in local outreach efforts, I want to use my gifts and talents to advance God’s kingdom purposes. Additionally, I am open to the possibility of missions work in another country.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and my journey in OMF Singapore.

Written by Bann Sambor, OMF Singapore Intern. Edited by Dean

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