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Sex, Suicide, Study – The Challenges of Being Young

“Say NO to Suicide” was the topic of our teaching this week in a Junior High School.

As I prepared for the class I was quite nervous and worried. Will it create more curiosity, will it help the students to face their life issues? The class went extremely well. “Thank you, teacher. Now I know how precious my life is. I hope I will remember this next time when I face a hopeless situation….”. I was on my motorbike heading home with praise and prayer in my heart.

Suddenly a terrible accident happened right before my eyes. A young boy and an older man on scooters crashed into one another. The boy stood up from the ground, but the older man was lying on the ground, dead. I stood at the roadside as if paralyzed. My eyes were caught by this young boy. Why had he driven wildly like that, running the red light? And why is he not at school at this time? Do his parents know where he is and with whom he hangs around? I felt a deep compassion for him and for the young people in this area of town.

Although young, but many of them face a hard life. School pressure, dysfunctional families, domestic violence, loneliness, temptations, burdens beyond the ability to bear in this age make these young people especially vulnerable.

“They look for help, they long for friendships, but sometimes they look at the wrong places.”

The internet is a big part of their lives. For e-generation people, to not be on the internet or playing games with friends means not having any common topics to talk about. Not being part of an internet group means not being able to have relationships with friends and therefore not being noticed by others. The hearts of these young people are searching every day, they have deep needs. They are surf around in the internet like boats on a rocky sea. But what they get out of it is an empty comfort!

“Sex is in.”

Young people are having pre-marital sex and sexual experiences at rates that church and parents don’t want to acknowledge. And they are learning about it through the media, mobile phones and the internet. Soon they find out that this is not the love their hearts are longing for.

These are only a few descriptions of working class youth. There are great opportunities in Junior and Senior High Schools to teach, counsel and share the love of Christ. The Champions Project is taught in schools nation-wide with life education courses such as “Problem Solving”, “Managing Emotions” and “Gender Education”. Besides good practical teaching we share the Word of God. In Senior High Schools there are Social Clubs – warm fellowship, sharing, love, fun, games, the Word of God, prayer – those who join can find healing, encouragement, strength, comfort, healthy friendships and answers to the two most important questions in their lives: Where do I come from and where do I go to?

What can happen in the future when these young people find the answers and their lives are transformed by the power of the living God who loves them and has sent His Son to save them? Join us in prayer for them. They are worth it!

Beate Harr – Student Ministry, Taichung

Learn more about Beate’s work in Taiwan – Join Us! Youth Ministry in Taiwan from OMF International Media on Vimeo.

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