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Serving in dependence on God in Japan

It was close to midnight when my phone pinged with a new WhatsApp message. It was from a supporter in Singapore who said he was praying for my teaching ministry the next day, at a Christian university in greater Tokyo area.

I was in the midst of last-minute preparation for the online class. I’d been invited to teach this class just before the COVID-19 began to hit the world. Before I knew it, the pandemic changed how our daily lives looked. Most university classes in Japan went online, including mine. I used to rely on my late husband for many computer matters, but since his unexpected return to Jesus five years ago I’ve had no choice but to pick up more skills. Sadly, my computer literacy remains elementary, only slightly higher than that of my eight-year-old daughter.

So it’s been a huge challenge for me to teach this new online class. It’s not uncommon for me to come across technological problems just before my class begins. That’s what happened the day after I received the midnight message.

That day I was already under stress as my preparation had been delayed due to other commitments that week. I had previously texted a few of my prayer partners to pray specifically for my teaching that day. However, seven minutes before my class began, my computer suddenly began to respond in a funny way. I felt my tension rise as I rebooted my computer. It did not work. I took a deep breath and remembered my faithful supporter’s prayers. I, too, prayed, and rebooted my computer a second time. It worked.

We began on time and did not have any technical problems during the class. In fact, it turned out to be a particularly enjoyable class. My students showed a strong interest in the subject, and were actively engaged with the materials. At the end, many students commented how useful the content was for their life and future ministry. Once again I was amazed with what the Lord had done, in response to all the prayer offered by my faithful mission partners.

Sometimes the Lord leads us to a task which seems to be beyond our capacity. However, the Lord who calls us is faithful—he never fails to provide a way to accomplish his will. While his provision may take different forms, he constantly uses the prayers of his saints to break down the barriers into his kingdom. Just like Aaron and Hur, who supported the weary hands of Moses in the battle against Amalek (Exodus 17), our prayer partners around the world truly stand with us, sustain our feeble hands, and help us in the glorious work of the Lord. I truly thank God for the provision of each faithful prayer warrior for my ministry in Japan.

One of OMF Japan’s values is: We depend on God—living by faith, seeking him in prayer, and submitting to his will. What a joy and blessing it is to serve the Lord with a team of brothers and sisters who, through prayer, enable me to persevere and see him work. All glory be to our God!

Will you pray for Japan?

  • Pray for missionaries as they often feel God has led us to tasks that seem beyond us.
  • Pray for new missionaries to join us, people willing to depend on God for all things.
  • Pray for the prayer supporters of missionaries: that they will know the importance of their role in reaching Japanese people for Christ.

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