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Serve Asia Coordinator Appreciation – Khup Ngaihte

There is lots of work that goes on behind the scenes of Serve Asia, and if you’ve been on a trip before, you’ll know a bit about the intricacies of organising your stay.

And of course, there has to be someone behind all that work! Today we want to highlight, and say thank you to, one of our Serve Asia coordinators – Khup from Thailand. Here’s his story:

“My name is Khup Ngaihte. I was born in India but grew up in several countries with Thailand being the one that I have now lived in the longest for. As part of my Serve Asia role, I am responsible for receiving short-term workers who are coming to Thailand. This includes making practical arrangements for their time in Thailand and making sure they are well cared for during their time here.

My parents were missionaries with OMF, in Thailand and the Philippines for 30 years, so I grew up on the mission field as a missionary kid, third-culture kid, and a pastor’s kid. I joined OMF myself in October 2015 and have been serving since then.

An average day for me looks very different depending on the season I am in. Since my role is mainly based at home, I have a quite flexible schedule. I travel to the office on the other side of Bangkok about once a week. I usually do my work throughout the day along with other errands and household responsibilities too.

The most difficult parts of my job are when things go wrong like workers experiencing overwhelming culture shock, health issues or unfortunate conflict with others, and also when we cannot accept or receive workers (for a variety of reasons). However, the most rewarding part is the people from all over the world that I work with and get to know better as I serve alongside them.

One of the big lessons God has taught me is that sometimes we just need to wait upon the Lord to show us what he has in store for us. A lot of times, people – myself included – like to plan everything out. But that is not [always] how God works in our lives. At times, we need to just take a step back and trust that He knows what is best for everyone.

A lesson which I have learned while serving in this role is that not everything that goes wrong is your fault. Sometimes things just do not work out and that is fine.

An encouragement that I would give to the Serve Asia workers out there and those interested in mission is that we should always be praying for one another and also for yourself. Keep encouraging each other. And then, God calls us to be faithful and not necessarily fruitful. So don’t always think of life or your ministry as a numbers game. Keep doing what you’re doing, and have faith in God.

Join me in praying for Thailand by praying for the future of short-term missions in Thailand. The country is open and sharing the gospel is not restricted, but that doesn’t mean that people are willing to hear it. Pray for open hearts and minds for the Thai people.

As for myself, please keep me in your prayers as I continue in my missions journey.”

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