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As a church leader you have a lot of responsibility. We want to support your goals for a thriving church and help you develop a robust missions strategy.
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From Genesis to Revelation God’s heart is for all nations to know Him.

There are over 7 billion people on the earth today. 2.8 billion have few opportunities to hear the good news of Jesus. Many don’t have Christians in their people group, the Bible in their own language or a church near their community.

We believe every person on earth needs to hear about Jesus. We also believe there is a place for every local church and church member to get involved in God’s plan to see that happen. We love to see churches and Christians grasp God’s plan for their lives and the whole world.

How could getting involved in God’s global plan bless your congregation?

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“It was really cool to hear about ways we can be more intentional in doing missions, to see concrete ways that we can talk about missions without seeming superior. And to see how people can be involved is broader than just “everyone go!” The sessions with OMF give us tangible ways to be involved in missions and an opportunity to discuss and be united with other church members.”

Rebecca, OMF mission workshop attendee

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Prayer Resources

We believe the most valuable thing your church can do is to join us in prayer. Find resources to help your congregation get started today.

Partnering with us

Find out more about our mission, values and history.

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Frequently asked questions

My church hasn’t sent any missionaries before. Is that a problem?

No. We enjoy working with churches of all sizes to help send members out cross-culturally. We’ll work with you to help your church get involved in God’s mission. In the journey sending members overseas, we offer support, guidance and care along the way. This may take a bit longer to work out if your church hasn’t sent before, but we’re here for the long-term.

What kind of support do you provide?

We love to partner with churches to help them get involved in what God is doing among the peoples of East Asia. We provide prayer resources, training and support. For those going overseas, we journey with them to help them discern their calling and advise on suitable preparation. Once overseas, workers join our strategic ministries and benefit from being part of a multi-cultural team. We provide support for language and culture learning, pastoral and medical care, training and development opportunities and manage financial support for our workers.

What kind of churches do you work with?

OMF is an international, non-denominational fellowship. So we work with a wide variety of churches from many nations and backgrounds. If you have a heart for mission sending, we’d love to partner with you. You can find out more about our beliefs and values here.

What kind of support can you offer me as a leader?

The support we can offer depends on your location, but we always start by getting to know you and your church, either online, or in person. We are always glad to help your church engage in mission to East Asians in any way we can. Please get in touch to see how we can help.

Resources for you and your church

Top tips for preaching on mission from the whole Bible

Explore how learning from the global church and exploring God’s plan for the whole world can help your preaching and application. 

Kids Resources

Explore resources to help kids engage with global mission.

Youth Resources

Explore resources to help the young people in your church engage in global mission.

How do local and global mission connect?

Discover how Linda’s experience with OMF in Taiwan helps her church reach out at home.

Featured article

Someone in my church wants to go on mission. What now?

When one of your church members shares they want to serve overseas, what should you do next? OMF worker Andy Stevens who has been supporting missionary candidates and churches from post-Catholic and post-Communist Europe for many years, shares six areas that you might want to consider.


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