What is The Task Unfinished?

29% of the world’s population are considered unreached, that’s over 2 billion people with little access to a church, a believer or a bible.

Currently, among East Asia’s peoples, over 667 million people are still unlikely to meet a follower of Jesus.

Billions of East Asians do not know Christ, and millions have little to no access to the gospel, a Christian church, or even a single believer. We believe God is calling us to focus prayer, people and resources to bring the hope of Christ to unreached peoples in East Asia and around the world.

The Task Unfinished is a call for Christians worldwide to take the gospel to places where Christ is unknown. We believe every person on earth needs to hear the good news, whether from believers in their people group, from reading or hearing the Bible in their own language, or from churches in or near their community.

In the lead up to the Global Hymn Sing on 25th June this month’s prayer resource will help you to consider the need for the gospel to go to all nations and help you to pray for five strategic areas of The Task Unfinished.

The Task Unfinished News & Stories

Serve Asia Coordinator Appreciation – Morgan Hildebrand

I’m Morgan Hildebrand, originally from the US, and am now serving as the recently arrived Serve Asia coordinator for Tohoku (north-east) region of Japan. I’m taking over from the previous coordinator these next few months.

God Is Always at Work

If you had asked me earlier this year, I could have pointed to a few events and encounters as possible ‘confirmations’ that this was something God wanted me to do. So it seemed strange when just a couple of weeks later my plans had to be cancelled, or at least postponed.

What Gives You Hope Right Now?

During this uncertain time, there is still much to find hope in. We spoke to Karen from Australia about how she is dealing with the disappointment of having her Serve Asia short-term mission trip to Japan cancelled.

Lessons From Lockdown

How could we say goodbye to our Marilao life in 72 hours? It had taken 10 months to finally reach our level of adjustment. Surely this COVID lockdown was exactly what God had prepared us for. After all, he had put us under lockdown before.

What Are You Afraid Of?

Let’s face it, we had plenty to worry about before this virus came onto the scene. How do we respond in fearful situations? How should we deal with a crisis? Perhaps we can learn something from King Jehoshaphat.

Praise God for the “Coincidence”

The purpose of my Serve Asia trip was to improve my knowledge and experience about mission and the life of missionaries and also to identify God’s plan and calling for me. However, I ended up having to go home one month earlier than planned due to COVID19. It was during this chaos and uncertainty of COVID19 that I learnt more about God. There are never coincidences with God.

What Happens When God Messes up Your Mission Trip

Many of us have experienced a change of plans for 2020. Despite our perception otherwise, God is in the business of messing up our plans. We are not the first people to move forward with what we thought God was leading us toward, only to find that path cut off and rerouted.

That’s One Hot Pot!

It does feel like a sauna. Sweltering heat. Sunshine beating down. Clothes sweat-soaked in the thick humidity. That's summertime in Taiwan. *Stomach growls*. You hungry? Ah! I know just the thing. Hotpot! Cozying up to a steaming bowl of soup and and a roaring fire is just what we need. No? Too hot huh. Come [...]

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