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What is The Task Unfinished?

29% of the world’s population are considered unreached, that’s over 2 billion people with little access to a church, a believer or a bible.

Currently, among East Asia’s peoples, over 667 million people are still unlikely to meet a follower of Jesus.

Billions of East Asians do not know Christ, and millions have little to no access to the gospel, a Christian church, or even a single believer. We believe God is calling us to focus prayer, people and resources to bring the hope of Christ to unreached peoples in East Asia and around the world.

For OMF, The Task Unfinished is a focused effort to inspire believers world-wide to work together to bring the gospel to unreached people groups.

Each month during 2017 our aim is to start a focused prayer movement for a different unreached country or people group. We hope you will consider being part of this movement—and help bring the hope of Christ to those who have little to no access to the gospel.

Stories from the Philippines

To Passionately Serve Him

“She took us to the homes that most needed prayer and we prayed for issues influencing the village”

Praying for Revival

“God was at work and I continue to pray for the village and a spiritual revival since returning home.”

All things are possible with God

One Saturday in 2011 Sam felt uneasy and his heart was heavy. Despite his hesitation, God convicted him. He went to Kuya Je and expressed that he wanted to follow Jesus Christ and commit his life to Him. How is this possible? A few weeks later, Sam approached me. He looked at me with teary [...]

Confidently Faithful

Foreigners were running preschools, medical clinics, marriage courses, youth groups, livelihood projects, cooking classes, computer training, counselling and physiotheraphy clinics. Through one of these programmes, Queenie gave her life to Christ and God doused her fiery temper and made her dependent upon Him for all her needs. She freely began to tell her friends about [...]

The Story of One Bukang Liwayway Sponsored Student

“It was through a German missionary at the church that she connected to Bukang Liwayway.”

Thoughts from a Creation Care Advocate visiting the Philippines

In Davao I caught up with an OMF colleague, just back from leading a team taking a 20 tonne container lorry to one of the areas devastated by Typhoon Yolanda. They expected to help build temporary shelters, but the people welcoming them said they wanted to build permanent homes themselves. So the team were happy [...]

Stepping out of our Comfort Zone for God

“We were able to visit and actively participate in the homebuilding & gardening projects.”


We joined OMF willing to do whatever was needed to contribute to the mission of reaching South East Asia’s millions. In our journey for the last 26 years, we have embraced many different ministries. As part of this journey (including when we were here as short-term workers), we have experienced numerous critical incidents or stressful [...]

Seaweed Farming & Discipleship!

“I was invited to determine whether the seas of Marabut could support a livelihood project.”

Mission Under Palms – 10 Months in the Philippines

“Relationships & having time for other people is more important in the Manobo culture.”

Grassroots Training

What could: Turn someone into a proud english-speaking ‘city kid’? Alienate friends and family? Open up lucrative job opportunities? Lead to sexual temptation and family breakup? Cause churches to break down? Bible college? For some church leaders from rural and tribal backgrounds, education at a Bible college in a city like Manila would seem like an ideal [...]

Campus Ministry in Quezon Province

In the 1980s, an intelligent young woman received a scholarship to attend the University of the Philippines. While there, she came to faith in Jesus Christ. She went on to earn several degrees and she has now served as a college president for many years. In 2005, she became the president of what is now [...]

Reaching the Visayan People

Did you know? The largest demographic group in the Philippines is composed of the 22 million Visayan people, spread across the central region of the Philippines. When the Spanish arrived in the 16th century, traditional animism was mixed with Catholicism. Today around 98% of Visayans are folk Catholics. Philippines wide, 30 million people live in [...]

The Star

It was Juan’s first time to lead the devotion for his classmates in a Diploma in Christian Ministries course. Listening in the small, crowded room in an urban poor area in Metro Manila, I was initially impressed by his wide knowledge of Scripture. He used quotes from the old and New Testaments to build the [...]

Joy, Faith & Love in the Philippines.

“Watching them worship was so moving; their faith and love for God is inspiring.”

The War for the Library!

Heavy monsoon rain hit the Biblical Seminary of the Philippines (BSOP). The water rose inside the campus equalling the highest level of flood water previously seen inside the school. The faculty was concerned as the floodwater continued to rise because the seminary library is on the ground floor. The seminary’s indispensable treasure trove of books, [...]

So Many Who Haven’t Heard?

Rose sought me out to confirm what she had heard at the missions conference earlier. “Is it really true that half of the barangays in this country don’t have an evangelical church? But how? We send missionaries around the world, and we have so many churches.” The communities Rose was asking about are located in [...]

A Friend in Need

Minda is a well-educated, skilful communicator and leader in her Manobo tribal community. When she was committed to her own religion, she viewed Christians with suspicion. She was 36 years old when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. An expensive operation was needed and each day brought her closer to death. She was terrified. [...]

The Storyteller

Chronological Bible Storying: Communicating the stories of the Bible by telling them aloud to listeners. Traditional oral communities often resolve conflicts and transfer knowledge by storytelling. As many aspects of Bible culture are very similar to their own, they can resonate and identify with these stories. It was difficult to see exactly how many people [...]

A Prized Possession

In the Philippines Tom and Jill travel around the island of Samar amongst the Waray Waray people. Their methodology is simple; on arriving at a village they gather people together and tell Bible stories in chronological order. After attending six lessons, the listeners get a copy of the Bible in Waray Waray – a prized [...]

Learning the Word

The Ata Manobo tribe are located high up in the hills of Davao del Norte in the southern part of the Philippine archipelago. They are animists and believe in many Gods. They practice a self-governing system and use a ‘slash and burn’ farming method as their way of living. In the past very low literacy rates [...]

The Power of Love

As the typical tropical rain clouds where gathering for their usual afternoon downpour we sat on our verandah feeling the rapidly rising humidity. Moy and I were finishing off the last Bible study in his preparation for the long awaited baptism of the first spirit priest in his tribe. The day before, I had once [...]