Join us to learn more about Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) and pray for the country.

We are praying for a gospel movement among each people group in Myanmar. As this progresses we often see the following 6 stages of progression as it moves forward:

Praying: Together we are seeking God to see the good news grow among this people group.

Learning: We are learning about the situation, gospel partners, the risks and opportunities.

Engaging: We see Christians living among the people, serving them and building relationships through regular interaction.

Sharing: We share the good news of Jesus Christ in all its fullness with this people.

Church Movements: New believers come to faith and grow into reproducing communities of faith among their own people.

Mobilising Mission: Communities of faith share the good news with other people groups.

Sometimes all of these things can be happening in one area while most of the people are still unreached. The infographic below shows the progress already seen in four of Myanmar’s people groups. While we are starting to see church movements among the Bamar, Christians only make up a very small percentage of the population. The majority of this group are still unreached with the good news of Christ. The Task is still unfinished. Pray with us to see thriving churches amongst the Bamar, Mon, Pa-O and Rakhine of Myanmar.

More resources and information can be found on The Task Unfinished page.

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