Pray for Mekong Minorities

What is The Task Unfinished?

29% of the world’s population are considered unreached, that’s over 2 billion people with little access to a church, a believer or a bible.

Currently, among East Asia’s peoples, over 667 million people are still unlikely to meet a follower of Jesus.

Billions of East Asians do not know Christ, and millions have little to no access to the gospel, a Christian church, or even a single believer. We believe God is calling us to focus prayer, people and resources to bring the hope of Christ to unreached peoples in East Asia and around the world.

For OMF, The Task Unfinished is a focused effort to inspire believers world-wide to work together to bring the gospel to unreached people groups.

We hope you will consider being part of this prayer movement—and help bring the hope of Christ to those who have little to no access to the gospel.

Stories from Mekong Minorities

Reaching out with love (and cookies) in Thailand

An OMF family in Thailand shares about the opportunities to serve in their community over the last few weeks.

New! – Praying down the Mekong River

We are excited to present you with our new Mekong Prayer Guide. Download here. Like a river, a movement is not static nor constrained. A river keeps on flowing and is able to flow across different geographical boundaries to bring life to vast areas. Mekong people groups live across geographical boundaries and in multiple countries. [...]

Peoples of the Mekong

The Word for a New Generation: Updating a Bible Script

In 1866, American Baptist missionary Josiah Nelson Cushing arrived in Burma (now called Myanmar) as a missionary appointed to the Shan people. Few, if any, of the Shan people in Southeast Asia had heard about the Lord Jesus Christ. Through Cushing’s and his fellow missionaries’ efforts, that was about to change.   Mine is the [...]

Ministering as a Professional Big Sister

  Through my time as a boarding home assistant (or “Professional Big Sister, as I like to be called), Christ has granted me a place of work, worship, and family while allowing my time here to be purposeful. As I began the process of application for this position, I had one thing in focus: to [...]

What Do Prayer Walks Achieve? A Church’s Birth Story

The Sunny people are hard to reach. Not just spiritually, but physically. Living in remote mountains and valleys in East Asia, straight, well-paved roads can be hard come by if you want to visit a Sunny village. And so you have to improvise. Maybe ride a dirt bike or a bicycle or a pickup truck. [...]

Global Prayer Focus for the Tai Dam

  You may have never met a Tai Dam person. Never climbed the steps up into their home or sat around the fire with them. Never eaten their sticky rice or listened to their singing. You may not meet a single one of them until Heaven, but you can have an influence on them today [...]

July for the Hani People

  Cathy is a Hani girl born with a disability. Her family wanted her to stay home to do housework after she graduated from the village’s junior high school. Cathy cried for many days until her family agreed to let her go to school, if she could find one that was free. By God’s Grace, [...]

Asher County

    This month we are praying through the different places where Bouyei people live. About 98% live in China, and of those 85% call Guizhou province home, concentrated in 13 main counties. Due to security, we will refer to these 13 counties using names of the tribes of Israel. As we pray for the […]

Simeon County

    This month we are praying through the different places where Bouyei people live. About 98% live in China, and of those 85% call Guizhou province home, concentrated in 13 main counties. Due to security, we will refer to these 13 counties using names of the tribes of Israel. As we pray for the […]

Zebulun County

    This month we will be praying through the different places where Bouyei people live. About 98% live in China, and of those 85% call Guizhou province home, concentrated in 13 main counties. Due to security, we will refer to these 13 counties using names of the tribes of Israel. As we pray for […]

Pray Psalms for the Bouyei

    The Month of Prayer for the Bouyei People started in 2014 and we were immediately impressed by how much God did in just that one month. Since then, God has continued to exceed our expectations each May, as we see people coming to faith, breakthroughs in Bouyei believer’s lives, many answers to long-standing […]

He And His Whole Household

    “Could you please come and visit my nephew? Something is wrong with him, but we’re not sure what if it’s mental, physical or spiritual. He has been to witch doctors, medical doctors, the Buddhist monks, and no one has been able to help him.” After meeting with the young man, our team determined […]

11 Days For The Tai Lue

    Happy New Year! For 3 days in a row the Tai Lue celebrate their New Year with a big Water Splashing Festival. Traditionally this was a time to wash away the sins of the previous year as well as sprinkle blessings on one another for the coming year. Today, for most, it is […]

Disciples Making Disciples

Over several years God has been at work among the 150,000 Sunny people of Laos, beginning with one man, who has gone on to share the gospel with many others, a disciple making disciples. A New Man Meet Tongsin. A man you may never meet this side of heaven, but a man you should definitely know. [...]

Under pressure

The rain beats heavily upon Mr. Bay's motorbike helmet, to the point where he can no longer see and has to pull off the road. What was supposed to be a quick 30-minute ride to a group of villages in the Mekong region will now take at least an hour. It's a good thing rain [...]

Growing Through Challenges

The beginnings of a Bouyei church show how God can overcome barriers of various kinds to grow his people. Mr. Farmer is a 70-year-old Bouyei man who lives in a village high on the mountain. Several years ago, Mr. Farmer’s daughter came to faith in Jesus while doing migrant work in a large city. When [...]

A Church for the So

Ten years ago, very few, if any, So people called on Jesus as Lord. That was largely because very few of them had ever heard the name of Jesus or the gospel message. The So, located in Laos, are hard to reach, not just spiritually, but geographically as well. Times have changed. A key catalyst [...]

Caring for the sick at Christmas

Having recently moved to Chiang Mai in August 2016, our family had yet to replace some of our family Christmas traditions with something new that would fit within Thailand and the church ministry of which we are a part. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, we happened to visit a young Karen girl on [...]

Gospel Openings at Christmas Time

Christmas is a special time of the year for many of us in different ways - as Christians we remember the birth of Christ and through the month of December how the people of God was awaiting the Christ to come and set them free. Christmas is also a special season here in Myanmar (and [...]

The Lisu Christmas Feast

Nearly 100 years ago, China Inland Mission missionary J.O. Fraser had worked for six years among the Lisu people in China with little spiritual fruit. After much prayer (by himself, other missionaries and prayer supporters back home), God moved powerfully among the Lisu, a previously animistic people in the mountains of Southwest China, Burma, and [...]

God’s Work in a Tai Dam Village

As we sat on the floor, eating with 12 Tai Dam people, Oliver got everyone’s attention and told them, “I’ve been hearing these stories from these guys. I don’t understand everything yet, but I think you should all hear them. They are about God.” Then he looked to me and gestured for me to take [...]

Is God at work among the Lao Phuan?

The Lao Phuan people of Laos have heard nothing of the gospel until recently. Most have still not heard, but some are encountering the story of Jesus. A Lao Phuan barber asked, “I saw a picture with a cross and there was a man suspended on it! And there were nails right through his palms! [...]

Benedict’s story

Benedict comes from a rural Hani village in the Mekong region where there is no school. He attended boarding schools in other villages from a very young age. With the help of a sponsorship program, he was able to attend secondary school and ultimately completed college. The sponsorship program is provided by a charity that [...]

Praying for the Bunu

Numbering more than 400,000, the Bunu are one of the largest people groups in China without a single known church. Ethnic and linguistic diversity, as well as geographic isolation, have been major barriers to the Bunu hearing the gospel. At this early stage (and every stage), prayer plays an essential role in the work of [...]

Trail of relationships: church planting strategy

Church planting is exciting work that requires strategic thought and effort be given. An OMF worker in Thailand learned, however, that strategy sometimes is not so obvious. Ever since I heard that the Tai Yuan church that we attend in our village has been involved in church-planting, I was delighted. I was excited that I [...]

Prayer Walking: Fruit Takes Time

Prayer is essential at the start of any new work in gospel ministry. As Oswald Chambers observed, ‘prayer does not fit us for the greater work. Prayer is the greater work.' This work of prayer can be hard, though. One prayer team trip in the Mekong region in 2005 did not seem to be going [...]

The Living Room Church: Prayer and Vision

Out of her bag, Mint, a Tai Yuan Christian, pulled out a drawing she had made and had been praying for: It was a picture of a cozy living room. She explained to an OMF couple that this living room was the type of setting that she prayed to see happen. This would be a [...]

Prayer opens doors

Wiang Chai district sits in the middle of Chiang Rai Province in northern Thailand. Historically, the area has been resistant to Christianity. Churches are scarce in Wiang Chai, but God is at work growing his people there… Returning to northern Thailand from an exhausting trip to a nearby country, our team went to the Chiang [...]

Explore the unique cultures of the Mekong Region

The people groups of the Mekong region are extremely diverse and unique. Summarizing the overarching characteristics of these minority groups is a challenge. The reason for this is best explained by one of OMF’s Field Directors: “The Mekong minorities tend to be found in the highlands where the lack of navigable rivers and good roads caused minority groups [...]

Seeking God’s Kingdom for the Mekong People

During the month of December, we’re exploring some of the fascinating cultures of the Mekong region’s minority people groups. Join us in praying for indigenous church movements in these largely unengaged communities. OMF Mekong Minorities focuses on 70 of the most unreached people groups in the Mekong region which number more than 50 million people. [...]

Freedom in Jesus

Several years ago a man who lived in a small mountain village was possessed by a demon. One day, the man, who was from the Mien people group, heard the good news that Jesus can cast out demons. He believed in Jesus and prayed by himself in the name of Jesus that the demon would [...]

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Leslie followed God’s call, but what would she do when she faced a team overcome with conflict?

No Spirit Ceremony

    A Mien believer is very sick and nearing the end of his life. His younger brother asks him if he can perform a big, two or three day, spirit ceremony for him after he dies. His brother, however, is so sick that he cannot talk. He takes a piece of paper and writes: […]

October – Month of Prayer for the Shan, Shui & Zhuang

    Can your prayers make a difference on the other side of the world? Recently a colleague shared how absurd it is to see what God is doing during the month of prayer for their people group in comparison to the rest of the year. God delights to work through the prayers of His […]


    “Is there really such a God like that? It sounds too good to be true!” This young village woman, who came to babysit our youngest child, while we homeschooled our eldest two, was the first Zhuang person whom we led to the Lord. She responded immediately to hearing the Gospel. Since that day […]

Dealing with False Doctrine & Spirits

  We had ridden the bus for two days and then another ‘short’ 4-hour van ride when we arrived in this small migrant worker slum. As soon as we arrived, the word spread by mouth and cell phone. That evening we had a meeting, sharing words and songs of encouragement until the early hours of [...]

Pray – Gospel Movement Series

In this series, we explore the stages we’ve often seen as God works among a people group. From an initial prayer movement for a people group, to a time of learning about them, seeking ways to engage with them, sharing the good news, seeing a church emerge through to that church becoming a mission sending [...]

Video Introduction to the Mekong Minorities

The Mekong River flows through a rich tapestry of over 100 people groups in East Asia. These peoples are spread through five countries; China, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. To find out more visit the Mekong Minorities page. To download this video, head to: News & Stories from Mekong Minorities New! – Praying down the [...]

Deadly Dreams

    A believing Shan woman in the Shan State had a dream of an old cow sleeping beside the road. Then another cow came up to the old cow. Both had a lot of parasites on them. Then the Shan woman was surprised by the dream and woke up. As soon as she woke […]

Gingko Nuts

    Have you ever heard or seen a gingko nut? It’s white, smooth and hard on the outside, but inside, it is yellow and full of life! Two years before we decided on what people group to serve, a group of friends prayed over us. One lady shared that she saw a picture of […]

Uncle Som

    “If he does it, he will be dead within three months.” That was the word that was spreading around the village about Uncle Som. For some time he was the main topic of gossip and conversation at the morning market. People couldn’t believe that he was going to publicly renounce the way of […]

This Is A New Man

    Sonny knew Christianity was a scam and the Bible pure rubbish. First his brother “got saved” and then Sonny’s wife “got born again.” It was almost more than he could stand. It was bad enough that they keep going on about “Jesus” – whoever He was – but they were also forever quoting […]

The Water Buffalo Substitution

    The Baiku Yao used to eat the flesh of the deceased but don’t any longer. An old Baiku Yao legend explains why. One day, a little boy caught sight of a mother cow in labor. Through the day and into the night, he cared for her and saw how much work and pain […]

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