‘Migration is one of the great global realities of our era.’ Chinese in Kansas. Japanese students in Oxford, migrant workers in Hong Kong. Whether voluntarily or involuntarily, East Asians are moving across geographic borders, and the global church is reaching out to them. For those who come to faith, there are challenges they need to be prepared for when they return home, but they have the potential to be a global, mobile mission force, living for Christ and sharing their faith wherever they live.

Find out more about these movements and how you can pray with us for East Asians away from home and those returning home through these infographics.

To discover more about our work with East Asians away from home, visit our Diaspora Returnee Ministries pages.

An estimated 80% of those who made a profession of faith were not attending church within months of returning to East Asia
Over 792,192 Chinese are students outside Asia
244 million people live in a country other than where they were born
180,000 Japanese students went to study overseas in 2015
In 2016 544,500 Chinese students went to study overseas
Indonesians elsewhere in Asia

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