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What is The Task Unfinished among the nations?

  • 29% Unreached People
  • 71% Reached or Engaged
29% of the world’s population are considered unreached, that’s over 2 billion people with little access to a church, a believer or a bible.
Currently, among East Asia’s peoples, over 667 million people are still unlikely to meet a follower of Jesus.

For OMF, The Task Unfinished is a focused effort to align ourselves through prayer and partnership to inspire believers worldwide to work together to bring the gospel to unreached people groups.
We are asking you, our ministry friends and partners, prayer supporters, team members and volunteers to prayerfully consider how you can participate.

The Challenge of The Task Unfinished

‘Facing A Task Unfinished’ was written by Frank Houghton in 1930 to encourage 200 new workers to go to the inland provinces of China with the CIM, despite a difficult time of global instability.
Modern hymn-writers Keith & Kristyn Getty were also challenged by this  hymn as they were re-writing and re-arranging it.
How will this hymn inspire you to participate in God’s plans for the nations?


The Task Unfinished is first and foremost a call to prayer.

As Dr. Patrick Fung reflects on The Task Unfinished:

“We not only pray that East Asia’s peoples may hear the good news of Jesus in all its fullness, but we also need to pray for ourselves that our lives and character reflect the good news of Jesus Christ. We need to pursue holiness for without holiness, no one will see the Lord. (Heb 12:14)”

We’ve gathered five devotions to help you reflect on The Task Unfinished. They have been written by: Dr. Patrick Fung (General Director of OMF), Kristyn Getty (Modern Hymnwriter), Michael Widmer-Kunioka (Teaching Theology with OMF in Japan), Janet Dallman (Pastoral Care of OMF workers and writer, Japan) and J Oswald Sanders (late General Director of OMF, and writer).

As you sign up, we’ll deliver the emails to you over the course of five days.

5 Days of Prayer for The Task Unfinished

We warmly invite you to join us in prayer for The Task Unfinished among the nations.
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