Book review – The Missionary-Theologian: Sent into the World, Sanctified by the Word

Reviewed by Chris Howles, Head of Theology, Uganda Martyrs Seminary In The Missionary-Theologian, E. D. Burns argues eloquently and energetically for the stronger integration of theological rigour into applied missiological practice. Throughout a wide-ranging series of chapters covering topics such as “The Missionary in Prayer,” The Missionary as Servant of the Word,” “The Missionary as Sent-One of [...]

Book review – Canon, Covenant and Christology: Rethinking Jesus and the Scriptures of Israel

Reviewed by Martin Paterson Questions relating to the authority and unity of the Bible come to the surface in every context of gospel ministry. It is therefore essential that those who seek to make disciples develop a reasoned response to such crucial questions. Matthew Barrett’s recent addition to the New Studies in Biblical Theology series, Canon, [...]

Book review – Scatter: Go Therefore and Take Your Job With You

Reviewed by Paul Robinson Through telling a number of distressing stories from around the world, Scott introduces his text and dramatically states that “this generation has learned to worship in the church but seems unwilling to worship in the world” (32). He provocatively cites Amos 5:23–24 and lays down the challenge that “A good merit [...]

Book review: The Story Retold: A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the New Testament

Reviewed by Martin Paterson Why does the world need another NT introduction? With so many volumes that provide helpful explanation of the historical and theological context of the NT, this may seem unnecessary. However, The Story Retold by G. K. Beale and Benjamin Gladd does not fall into this category. In fact, it is a unique contribution as it [...]

Book review – Asian Christian Theology: Evangelical Perspectives

Reviewed by Nathan Keller As an American cross-cultural missionary who has lived in Asia for twelve years, I have learned much about the importance of understanding the culture of the people with whom I share the gospel. Having said this, I recognize that I have even more to learn, and I seek every opportunity to [...]

Book review – Coming Home: Loss, Grief and Re-entry

Reviewed by Beverlea Parkhill We have all heard the stories of re-entry of mission workers into their home cultures or experienced it ourselves. Do we feel like we are coming “home” or just returning to our passport country (or to a third country if a member of a cross-cultural marriage)? Re-entry can be a long, [...]

Book review – Global Mindset: Cultivating Knowledge in Multinational Organizations

Reviewed by Irene McMahon Over the past decade, the term global mindset has become a buzzword appearing in articles and books dealing with twenty- first century leadership. It is a concept which leaders of international mission organisations need to understand and pay attention to if they hope to train and support leaders in today’s world. [...]

Book review – Church Different: Unleashing the Church to Change the World

Reviewed by Andy Smith When Ron Dotzler, an American pastor, realized that his church was failing to connect with unbelievers he sought to understand why. He concluded that the congregation had no social influence, and he knew that lack of social influence usually means lack of spiritual impact. To connect with the surrounding culture, he [...]

Book review – A Foot Wide on the Edge of Nowhere: Olive and Theo Simpkin—Sharing Good News in China

Reviewed by Claire McConnell Archivist at OMF International This is a book I had been anticipating for quite some time. My own personal story with the people on its pages began in 1981 when I was a student in Belfast. The Ireland OMF Secretary at that time was David Strachan, who served with his wife [...]

Book review – Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory

Reviewed by Eunice Au What do you do when you realize the objective you were aiming for is completely unattainable and actually totally inappropriate? This is the exact challenge the Lewis and Clark expedition team faced when they reached the Rocky Mountains and discovered that, not only was there no easily navigable waterway from the [...]

Book review – Building Bridges to Oral Cultures

Reviewed by Iljo de Keijzer OMF missionary serving in the Philippines Carla and Jim Bowman began working in the 1980s among the indigenous people of South America. Their initial focus was on Scripture engagement. When they realized many people could not read well, their logical response was to teach literacy. At some point, they realized [...]

Book review – Women in God’s Mission: Accepting the Invitation to Serve and Lead

Reviewed by Eunice Au In this book, the author shares research she has gathered from personal interviews of women from approximately thirty nations. Each was selected because they were respected by colleagues and were able to serve and lead with excellence and integrity in God’s mission. Lederleitner brings the voices of these women to the [...]

Book review – William Shellabear: A Biography

Reviewed by Ka-Neng Au Librarian at OMF International Hunt’s biography brings to life a complex and brilliant Englishman who started his professional career in the military (posted by the Corps of Royal Engineers to Singapore to oversee the development of its harbor defences), then in ministry (missionary and mission leader in the Singapore District of [...]

Book review – Planting an Indigenous Church: The Case of Borneo Evangelical Mission by Jin Huat Tan

Reviewed by Ka-Neng Au Librarian at OMF International The Borneo Evangelical Mission (BEM) was founded in Australia in 1928 on principles and values that were inspired by those of the China Inland Mission. This included trusting that God would provide their material needs and that leadership should be based in the field. The BEM committed [...]

Book review – James Hudson Taylor: Called by God into the Heart of the Dragon

Reviewed by Ka-Neng Au Librarian at OMF International This biography by a great-grandniece of James Hudson Taylor is beautifully illustrated with photographs and pictures of artifacts from the China Inland Mission archives. The text draws selectively from earlier biographies as well as family letters. While the narrative follows a typical chronological structure, the author focuses [...]

Book review – Churches and Mission Agencies Together: A Relational Model for Partnership Practice

Reviewed by Ka-Neng Au Librarian at OMF International The book is a call to developing good relations between churches, mission agencies, and their missionaries, with many helpful suggestions for best practices to address some important issues in missions. The editor is the Missions Pastor of a church in Singapore and the contributors are leaders in [...]

Book review – Insider Jesus: Theological Reflections on New Christian Movements by William Dyrness

Reviewed by Walter McConnell Head of OMF Mission Research During the past century the church has grown around the world in directions and in ways that were frequently unexpected and unprecedented. In recent years, one of the most debated means of growth has been insider movements— movements of people to faith in Christ who remain [...]

Book review – Christianity in the Twentieth Century: A World History

Reviewed by Rose Dowsett Few people could even attempt this project, surveying the Christian story for the whole world, and through a complex century. Brian Stanley, professor of world Christianity at the University of Edinburgh, is well qualified for this monumental task. He explores the fundamental question, “How did the churches of today get to [...]

Book review – Crossing Cultural Frontiers: Studies in the History of World Christianity

Reviewed by Rose Dowsett This is the third collection of published essays from the pen of Professor Andrew Walls (Edinburgh and Aberdeen). Each volume is a goldmine, and this is no exception. His earlier collections, The Missionary Movement in Christian History (1996) and The Cross-Cultural Process in Christian History (2002), have been warmly appreciated in [...]

Book review – Communal Reading in the Time of Jesus: A Window into Early Christian Reading Practices

Reviewed by Walter McConnell Head of  OMF Mission Research Who would have known that “communal reading events” were a regular feature of first-century Mediterranean and Middle Eastern life? Who would have known that they existed or even cared? In Communal Reading in the Time of Jesus, Brian Wright demonstrates that at that time people from all [...]

Book review – The Axe and the Tree: How Bloody Persecution Sowed the Seeds of New Life in Zimbabwe

Reviewed by David Harley On the night of June 23rd 1978, eight British missionaries and four of their children were massacred in an isolated mission school in Vumba, Northern Zimbabwe. This book tells the story of the events leading to this massacre, the response of the mission community, and the subsequent impact of this tragedy [...]

Book review – It’s OK to be Not OK: The Message of the Lament Psalms

Reviewed by Andy Smith Pastor Rico Villanueva is concerned that negative experiences are rarely expressed in church activities. Rarely, if ever, do Christians mention our “bad” emotions, weaknesses, or failures. Instead, we sing happy songs and give victorious testimonies. As a result, we are illprepared to face difficulty and tragedy. To counter this situation, Villanueva [...]

Book review – The Human Tidal Wave: Global Migration, Megacities, Multiculturalism, Pluralism, Diaspora Missiology

Reviewed by Andy Smith Global migration, marked by urbanization, is rapidly impacting the peoples, cultures, societies, and nations of the world. And as this strategic and urgent book demonstrates, it provides us with wonderful opportunities to make disciples. Toward this end, Brian Seim’s chapter helps us see that the complex, diverse, impersonal, and task-oriented life [...]

Book review – What the Buddha Taught

“Still a classic” The value of a text such as this lies in its ability to act as a useful frame of reference for the reader to further their understanding of a subject, particularly across a range of contexts. Walpola Rahula’s work, first published over fifty years ago, provides a succinct description of core Buddhist [...]

Book review: Seeking a City with Foundations by David W. Smith

Reviewed by Peter Rowan National Director of OMF UK Recent years have witnessed an increasing focus on the growth of cities and megacities in the non-Western world. Mind-boggling statistics with accompanying analyses provide us with insights into what an increasingly urbanised world will look like. Sadly, the Christian community has been slow to respond to [...]

Book review – A Passion for the Impossible: The Continuing Story of the Mission Hudson Taylor Started

In a turbulent world spinning through rapid change, this fact-filled and heart- stirring account of God’s redemptive work in an earlier era marked by upheavals of unimaginable proportions is a timely read. Lyall, a veteran CIMer with a solid grasp of the historical and socio-political background of China and the West, tells a dramatic story [...]

Book review – Out on a Limb: A Devotional Guide for Missionaries

Reviewed by Claire McConnell Archivist at OMF International As Christian workers, missionaries encounter many of the same difficulties faced by those who minister in their home countries. However, as cross-cultural workers, they also confront additional stresses which arise from living in an environment that can be hostile to both the gospel message and those who [...]

Book review – Crossing Cultures in Scripture: Biblical Principles for Mission Practice

Reviewed by Walter McConnell Head, OMF Mission Research Since missions is essentially a cross-cultural enterprise, Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations obliges us to acquire a deep understanding of how cultures work and how to communicate the gospel effectively to every culture. Crossing Cultures in Scripture leads missionaries along this path by showing [...]

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