The archives hold many stories of what God has done.

Telling these stories gives God the glory.

Turning points in the history of the China Inland Mission


Prayer for The Eighteen

It was the point at which the tide of all mission to China turned. Taking place in the shadows of personal weakness and public indifference, a movement began in 1875 which led to the gospel reaching the far corners of China.

First North American Party EAM NA 1978 Nov Dec 1978

The First North American China Inland Mission Party

The year 1888 saw the birth of the missionary movement to China from Canada and New York State. The greater significance is the impact of what God did then down through the years, felt even now.

Pioneers who led the way into interior China


George Clarke—Unswerving Servant

George and Fanny Clarke were the first missionaries in Yunnan. George persevered in pioneering work despite adversity and sorrow. How did he stay the course in circumstances that would have caused others to give up?


James Cameron—the Livingstone of China

James Cameron’s journeys draw us into the grand story of how the churches in interior China took root through a small band of missionaries and Chinese co-workers who scattered to do pioneer work in nine vast provinces.

MRT 14.1 The first girls' Bible school & Isobel Kuhn

God’s Mission to the Lisu

The history of the Lisu church is one of the great success stories of CIM/OMF, particularly as related in the books Behind the Ranges and Mountain Rain. Many missionaries labored among the Lisu, a chain of connecting stories from J. O. Fraser to the accounts by Leila Cooke and Isobel Kuhn.

Pioneering work among Tibetan people


William Soutter—“All he did was in the strength of God”

William Soutter had given himself to mission work to Tibet in 1893. He reached India in 1894 but the door from India into Tibet Proper remained closed. In 1896, he met with Hudson Taylor and joined CIM to take up Tibetan work on the Chinese border.


Theo Sorensen: A Pioneering Literature Evangelist in Tibet

Theo Sorensen was the first Protestant missionary to systematically compare the Christian and Buddhist faiths. He communicated these in booklets and established the Tibetan Religious Tract Society in 1918. The number of its publications reached 160,400 by 1922.


Beloved Highland

In 1935, the BBC interviewed Frank Doggett Learner and listeners were captivated as he introduced them to the Tibetan mission work of the China Inland Mission. Frank and Annie Learner followed the Lord’s call to work among the Tibetans in Xining and witnessed God’s great power among the Tibetans.

Chinese co-workers in the CIM


Wang Lae-djün—A Man after God’s Heart

Wang Lae-djün is one of China’s great, if unsung, Christians—after Pastor Hsi  Shengmwo, he was perhaps the most notable Chinese connected with the CIM. His faithful work as church leader laid strong foundations for the early churches in Zhejiang.


“Jesus, Crowned with Glory and Honour”

George Gibb, the CIM General Director from 1935 to 1940, shares stories of Chinese who heard and responded to the gospel and how they remained faithful in their faith until death.

Monuments of faith—Faithful unto death


William Fleming—“Gospel Shark”: The First CIM Missionary Martyr

William Fleming joined the CIM in 1895 and sailed from Australia to China. Did the martydom of William Fleming and Pan Shou-Shan in 1898 result in hoped-for fruit?

George Erwin King

Who Will Pick Up the Torch?

A promising young medical evangelist, George King was born in China to CIM missionaries. Read how his life story stirred the writing of the hymn “Facing a Task Unfinished.”

Stories of the early years of OMF


Pioneering in Nosuland by A. J. Broomhall

In the turbulent times of the Communist revolution, A J and Janet Broomhall labored courageously with Ruth Dix and Joan Wales among the Nosu in Zhaojue.


Following in God’s Way by Foot or by Chair

Jean Anderson contracted polio in her second term of service. Through losing the ability to use her legs, God taught her lessons she couldn’t have learned otherwise and gave her a ministry she couldn’t have done otherwise.

Byun Jae Chang & Cho Eran EAM Dec80-Jan81

First missionaries sent by Korean Home Council

OMF Korea sent their first missionaries in 1981. Byun Jae Chang shares how the Lord led him and his wife Byun Cho Eran to serve Him in Japan.

Stories about archival work

Doh Moon Gap interviewing candidate

Mission Research: Responding to Requests from Center Leaders

Help was sought to search the archives for stories to commemorate 40 years of the Korean Home Council in 2020—stories to recall what God has done over the years.

Cyril Faulkner & Colin Tweddell

Mission Research: Connecting People Today with Their Personal History

“Who influenced my grandfather’s spiritual journey?” That was the gist of the question that came the old family photographs.

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