Mission Round Table

Mission Round Table is an academic journal published by the Mission Research Department of OMF. The focus of the journal is contemporary mission in Asia viewed from the perspective of reflective practitioners, whether active missionaries, students of mission, or interested supporters. Articles are designed to provide biblical, theological, and missiological foundations for thinking about mission and real-life examples that anchor the theory in practice.


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Latest Issue

Mission Agencies in the 21st Century
Mission Round Table Vol.12 No.1 Jan–Apr 2017

From the editor:

A revolution in world mission was sparked in 1789 when William Carey wrote his Enquiry into the Obligations of Christians to Use Means for the Conversion of the Heathens and then founded the Baptist Missionary Society four years later. Carey wasn’t the first Protestant to take the gospel beyond the confines of Europe, but his example liberated the church from its focus on local concerns and spawned the growth of a series of denominational and non-denominational mission societies. These societies were augmented by a series of “Faith Mission” societies after Hudson Taylor started the China Inland Mission in 1865. Though some of the early societies have passed out of existence, been absorbed into other agencies, or changed names, the way mission has been done—with most missionaries serving in conjunction with one agency that has been responsible for recruiting, sending, and receiving—has remained fairly consistent for more than 200 years.

While it may seem premature to question the long-term viability of what appears to be a tried-and-true approach, we must remember that Jesus was building his church long before the “modern mission movement” began. It may be that global realities of the 21st century will move God to exchange the wineskin we are accustomed to with a new one that seems a bit unfamiliar or perhaps one that we find unrecognizable. But since God has worked at various times in various ways, we should be ready for him to do a new thing if he desires, be on the lookout for signs of this taking place, and be actively evaluating our structures and procedures to see how they might best serve God’s kingdom today and tomorrow.


  • Editorial – Walter McConnell
  • The Future of Mission Agencies – Eddie Arthur
  • Future Proofing OMF – Jon Fuller
  • Mission and the Internet – Reinout van Heiningen
  • Swimming Upstream – Andrea Roldan
  • Reflections on the Korean Missionary Movement: A Critical Review of Recent Research – Warren Beattie
  • A Description of CIM Missionary Workers to Tibetan Highlands prior to 1950 – Zi Yu

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