Mission Round Table

Mission Round Table is an academic journal published by the Mission Research Department of OMF. The focus of the journal is contemporary mission in Asia viewed from the perspective of reflective practitioners, whether active missionaries, students of mission, or interested supporters. Articles are designed to provide biblical, theological, and missiological foundations for thinking about mission and real-life examples that anchor the theory in practice.


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Latest Issue

Take Up Your Cross: Suffering and the Church
Mission Round Table Vol. 12 No. 3 Sep–Dec 2017

From the editor:

Sorrow and grief are profoundly central to the Christian gospel. Indeed, the gospel is meaningless without a suffering Christ who comes for a suffering people.

The picture on the cover of this issue was painted by an Indonesian Christian whose artwork frequently focuses on the suffering of Christ.

While the articles in this issue do not attempt to solve the philosophical problems behind pain and suffering, they offer missiological reflections on ministry to the suffering and historical examples of ministry resulting in personal tragedy and pain. The articles look at the suffering of the church in Cambodia, taking risks for the sake of the gospel, serving people with mental health issues and disabilities, worshipping God through lament, and an historical account of missionaries who suffered along with Chinese people in the 1920s.

PDF Downloads of Past Issues

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