Journey to Long-Term Missions

There are many ways of being involved in the Great Commission to take the gospel to all nations, but perhaps the most life changing is the decision to go and serve cross-culturally long-term.

Hear from OMF workers as they share about their own journey into long-term missions and find out how you can pray for and support people on this journey.

Prayer Guides

Step into a prospective missionary’s shoes and see how you can pray for them at each stage in their journey, or you can use this guide to pray for your own mission journey.

You want to pray for a missionary, but where do you start? We’ve brought together a few ideas to help you pray for the situations and circumstances missionaries face.


We asked some of OMF’s workers to share about their own journey into long-term mission serving among the peoples of East Asia.

Singapore to Japan: Shao Xiong & Levene’s Mission Story

Shao Xiong & Levene are heading from Singapore to Japan for two years with OMF. We caught up with them to find out about their journey to this point. Where did your interest in missions begin? Levene: “All along, ever since I’ve been a Christian, I’ve seen missions is very important. but it was only [...]

Mission Stories: Ian & Anne-Marie

Ian and Anne-Marie met at university and got married shortly before attending All Nations Christian College and then applying to join OMF. They went out to the Philippines initially, arriving while still in their mid 20s. In the years since, they have served with OMF in a variety of leadership roles. Here they share a [...]

What happens when your church has never sent a missionary before?

That trip back to Thailand changed everything for Xavier* and Florence*. They were now certain. God was calling them to reach the Hmong in East Asia. They had become all too aware of those who have never heard of Jesus. Xavier’s previous view of Thailand had been out of a plane window on his way [...]

Learning to Wait on God in the Journey to Long-Term Mission

Living in the mission field was not easy but there were also many joys and surprises from God.

I’ve always thought that…

It’s easy to make assumptions or have preconceived ideas of what long-term mission involvement will be like.

We can often look at Christian history and assume most of the work of sharing the gospel with the nations has been done. But in East Asia there are still 667 million people without access to the gospel – how will they hear the good news?

The journey to long-term missions doesn’t necessarily look like training to be a pastor and then going to plant churches overseas. There are all kinds of opportunities to use your skills to serve cross-culturally from architecture to running a cheese factory or being a veterinarian.

Raising the prayer and financial support to be able go into long-term mission can seem like a great challenge. If God calls, he will provide. It may take time to raise support, but God uses this process to teach about him and prepare for service.

God uses all kinds of skills in his mission – you don’t have to be a pastor or worship leader to serve in long-term missions. We have openings for teachers, business people, graphic designers and more.

New OMF workers spend up to 2 years in language & culture training. It’s an important part of preparing for life and ministry in a new country. It’s often a time when workers discover in fresh ways the faithfulness of God and His mighty work in their own lives.

Six Ways to Reach God’s World

We know that not everybody is called to mission in East Asia. This video series will help you discover how you can be involved in mission through learning with intention, prayer, going cross-culturally as messengers of the gospel, sending (which includes giving), welcoming internationals around you and even mobilizing others for all of these strategic roles.

Could God be calling you to East Asia?

Going on a short or medium-term mission placement can often help people discern whether God is calling them into long-term mission.

Explore the wide range of opportunities available with OMF in East Asia.