Resources for Gospel Storytelling

This is an updated (April 2020) version of the list of Gospel storytelling resources provided on page 9 of Mission Round Table vol. 11 no. 1 (January 2016) on the theme “Tell them the old, old Story”.

BTStories is the site of master storyteller John Walsh who has compiled 260 Bible stories that can be told in about five minutes each.
Chiang Mai Orality Network is Larry Dinkins’s collection of articles, media presentations, and other resources on storytelling, some of which are in Thai.


Since 1939, Gospel Recordings Network (GRN) has produced audio and video recordings for evangelism and Bible teaching in close to 6000 languages. Recordings can be downloaded free of charge and passed on through email, Bluetooth, and other media.

The International Orality Network (ION) produces the journal Orality and many other resources for communicating the gospel with primarily oral audiences.

The “Jesus” Film Project features a movie based on Luke’s Gospel that has been dubbed into more than 1500 languages and has impacted millions all over the world.

Resonance Drama, a ministry of WEC International, has been renamed Arts Release. It offers training in drama for evangelism, discipleship or teaching, so that Christians can experience, learn, use and teach different drama methods. The training can take place in German, Dutch or English.

Simply the Story is a program designed to train people how to tell Bible stories so that both they and their listeners can discover its truths for themselves.




Story4All provides materials and training so that the “oral two thirds” of the world can hear and grasp the good news about Jesus through story, drama, song, and other oral means.

Storying the Scriptures is the site developed by Christine Dillon so that the story of Jesus might be passed on to people who (1) don’t yet know but want to learn the story, (2) have heard something about storying and want to know more, or (3) are more experienced storytellers who want to develop their skills. In addition to English, material is supplied in Chinese (traditional and simplified characters) and Italian.


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