Urban China 5x5x5 prayer guide

29% of the world’s population are considered unreached, that’s over 2 billion people with little access to a church, a believer or a bible.

Currently, among East Asia’s peoples, over 667 million people are still unlikely to meet a follower of Jesus.

Billions of East Asians do not know Christ, and millions have little to no access to the gospel, a Christian church, or even a single believer. We believe God is calling us to focus prayer, people and resources to bring the hope of Christ to unreached peoples in East Asia and around the world.

We invite you to pray for urban China, for just five minutes, for five days, for five strategic areas. Your prayers will open doors in powerful ways, encourage believers, release strongholds and bring great glory to God.

Day One – The Marketplace

Business in China is a high-pressure environment. Christians in professional workplaces in cities across China could easily work 60 hour weeks and very often work on Sundays. Getting to church on Sunday is difficult, let alone inviting friends to come with them. Pray that God will protect Christian professionals’ faith and their families, and ask that he might use them in an amazing way to access those whom the church would otherwise struggle to reach.


Lord, please bless the small groups of Christian professionals that meet during the week at offices, restaurants and food courts. May they not give up meeting together and spurring one another on despite the pressures of workload and dead­lines. May they make a huge impact in reaching the market­place for Christ.


Lord, please enable local churches to be able to adequately care for and equip their members who are in the marketplace, that they not only stand firm in their faith, but be mission-minded and reach their colleagues for Christ.


Lord, we pray that as Christians run businesses in urban Chi­na, that you may use them to bless their staff, customers and the community around them. As they face obstacles such as operating above the law and with integrity, may you use these businesses for your glory.


Lord, raise up more workers to be salt and light in the market­place of urban China. Convict those whom you have called to work alongside Chinese professionals and disciple local Chris­tian business people.

Day Two – The Marginalized

Many people in urban China have issues that result in them being marginalized by mainstream society, and even the church at times. Society sees them as “sinful” and “dirty,” and discriminates against them, yet the Lord who made them loves and cares for them. Pray that those who are struggling, broken and unloved will know that they are treasured by God and that they may know him.


Lord, you know the at-risk women in urban China. You love them deeply, yet they feel unloved—selling their bodies, not knowing how you have bought them for a price. We pray for these women to know your love and feel cared for by those reaching out to them.


Lord, you are the father of the fatherless. Please enable your church to care for the many special needs orphans who have been abandoned by parents in cities around China, and for those who have been left behind in the countryside as their parents have gone to the city to work.


Lord, we pray for those living with HIV/AIDS in China. We pray for the development of better medical care for them. Please also help them see your love and acceptance through the loving actions of your church.


Lord, we pray for those who work with the marginalized in urban China. May they experience your presence, help, strength and guidance as they often feel the burden of lone­liness. Lord, raise up more workers to come and join them, so they may witness to those around them.

Day Three – The Academic World

The academic world in China strives for excellence. As it pursues knowledge and innovation, many in the scientific community wrestle with the apparent conflict between believing in science and having some kind of faith. Students, teachers and researchers all struggle with the pressure to be the best. As teachers have a lifelong influence on students in urban China and research carries great weight in society, pray that more Christian academic professionals will bear witness to Christ.

Lord, as competition to enter the best universities is fierce, we ask that, no matter their level of worldly “success,” more and more students may know the peace of being accepted as your children. May they find their identity in you, not in their performance.


Lord, the scientific community in China believes that science only exists within an atheistic worldview. Please strengthen the Chris­tians in scientific fields who seek to challenge this belief. May you help their colleagues see that you created life, and as the God of order, you are the one who created science.


Lord, as academics study, may many of them come to know you, in whom all the treasures of knowledge and wisdom are found. We pray, too, that your people may work in a way that honors you.


Lord, while urban China suffers from very high pollution levels, we ask that you will raise up people to come and help China tackle this problem. May Christians with experience in this area consider coming and giving their lives to not just tackling the pollution of the air, but also the pollution of the heart.

Day Four – The Family Unit

Families in urban China face enormous pressure with people traveling constantly for work, leaving marriages strained and children rarely seeing their parents. Children face their own pressures, with the competition to perform academically even from the age of six, all the way up to the high pressure gaokao exams. Pray for protection for Christian families, and ask that they might have a strong impact on their communities.


Lord, we pray for Christian couples who have not seen Christian marriages or Christian parenting when they were growing up. Provide role models for them and may older believers, including those from overseas, invest in younger couples’ lives and families.


Lord, thank you for Christian communities supporting local families in urban China through providing classes for mothers and toddlers, premarital and marriage counseling, and kindergartens. We ask that the way you love families will be so evident through these communities that people will be drawn to you.


Lord, we pray for families who elect to homeschool their children, having given up on the strict and competitive local system. As they work out options for their children and face the reality that they can never go back into the system, please provide people with backgrounds in education to support them and the growing homeschool networks in urban China.

Day Five – The Church

The urban Chinese church, filled with both white-collar professionals and blue-collar migrant workers, is still relatively small. Although churches are growing in places, only about two to three percent of the urban population know Christ. Church leaders are eager to grow and keep teaching these young congregations. Pray that they may be equipped by the Lord for this.


Lord, you know the pressure the urban Chinese church is fac­ing. Please help urban Chinese Christians to be strengthened by fellowship, teaching and outreach despite it.


Lord, we pray for the leaders of the urban Chinese church. As they seek training and mentoring, we ask that you will provide it. Protect their families as they wrestle with the pressures of marriage and raising children; protect their leadership teams from discord; and protect their hearts from pride.


Lord, we ask that churches with well-educated members will not neglect the plight of the needy on their doorstep. Give them hearts of compassion and a desire to reach the commu­nity around them. We pray that as they seek out theological knowledge, they would not forget that you are the God who lived among the poor and the needy.


Lord, we pray that as the urban Chinese church grows in its zeal to reach the world, you will give them more opportunities to learn about cross-cultural ministry and bring them people able to train them in this.

Next Steps

Is God drawing you to more focused prayer or involvement with urban China? Consider additional ways to nurture God’s love among these people.

PRAY. Partner with what God is doing among China’s urban billion through prayer. For more information about prayer resources for China’s cities, visit

PARTNER. Mobilizing your community to join God’s work in urban China is a vital ministry. Will you encourage others to pray and serve?

GO. Do you want to get more involved? Explore opportunities in ministry to the urban poor and marginalized, youth work and more. Check out short-term programs or consider long-term involvement by browsing

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