Skylands Prayer Walk

We invite you to join us for a “prayer walk” through the “Skylands”—the areas of MONGOLIA, WESTERN CHINA and BHUTAN where the people groups are influenced by TIBETAN BUDDHISM. We have a faithful Father who hears and uses our prayers to open doors in powerful ways, encourage believers and bring great glory to God.
pray for spiritual breakthrough.

About 15 million people through the areas of Mongolia, Western China and Bhutan have been deeply influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. Many of these people have little or no access to the message of Jesus Christ. But we know that God loves these precious people, who live in this realm of breathtaking scenery, wide-open spaces and deep blue skies called the “Skylands.”

​​​​​We will begin our prayer walk by heading north to Mongolia— the historic homeland of Genghis Khan. Then we will work our way south, through the Tibetan Buddhist areas of Western China. Following that, we will pray for the smaller people groups hidden in the mountains and valleys of Western China. Finally, we will head south again to Bhutan.

1 Praise God for the 50,000 believers in Mongolia. Pray that the church will continue to thrive and grow, both in numbers and maturity.

2 Pray that people in the 100 or more remote counties of Mongolia that are still without a church will be able to know God’s love.

3 More than 140,000 families in Mongolia still live as nomads and herders. Pray for them to have increasing opportunities to hear about Jesus.

4 Pray for local church leaders to be encouraged in their faith and not to lose heart.

5 The church in Mongolia is maturing. Pray that foreign workers will partner well with Mongolian churches for God’s glory.

6 Praise God that Mongolian believers are reaching out to other people groups in surrounding areas. Pray that their hearts would be encouraged as they share about Jesus’ love.

7 Pray for the Tibetan Buddhists in Western China. May they know that there is a Creator God who made them and loves them.

8 Pray that the Tibetan Buddhists in Western China who know of Jesus’ love will receive good teaching and become mature in Christ.

9 Pray for unity—one heart and one purpose—among Christians in the different people groups who live in Western China.

10 Pray that the amazing mountains and valleys of Western China would ring out with praises to God.

11 Over 100 years ago the gospel was brought to the Tibetan Buddhist peoples of Western China. Praise God for his faithfulness as there are still local and foreign believers engaged with the peoples there.

12 Pray that there would be a fellowship of believers in every town and village, even on the rugged grasslands.

13 “Every valley has a different dialect.” This is often said about some of the areas where the Tibetan Buddhists live. Pray for each person to have the opportunity to hear about Jesus in his or her heart language.

14 Traditionally, some of the Tibetan Buddhist peoples are renowned for their bravery and fearlessness. Pray that those who are disciples of Jesus would be mighty in faith.

15 Praise God for his love and care for those marginalized by society. Pray that believers in the Skylands areas will show God’s love and mercy to all people, who are precious in his eyes.

16 In some areas, parents must leave home to find work, and grandparents raise the children. Pray for these families to know God’s love and encouragement.

17 Many students go away to college and are exposed to new ideas. Pray for them to hear about Jesus.

18 Pray for believers in these areas who are keen to show Jesus’ love by visiting the sick and traveling long distances to encourage isolated believers.

19 Pray for unity among believers. Pray for open and honest communication and a desire to meet together.

20 Pray for Chinese believers who work among Tibetan Buddhists to show them God’s love and have a desire to learn their language and culture.

21 Pray for the expat believers working in Tibetan areas—for unity, help in language study and effective sharing of the Good News.

22 Praise God that the New Testament is available in the main local languages. Pray for God to use his word powerfully.

23 Pray for God’s blessing on the Tibetan Buddhist peoples of Western China. May they know his deep “shalom” peace and well-being.

24 Pray for those living in the high mountains and remote valleys that are nearly inaccessible. There are many smaller Tibetan Buddhist people groups in these areas with their own unique languages. Pray for God to send them people to tell them about Jesus.

25 Bhutan is known as the “Land of the Thunder Dragon.” Pray for the Drukpa people of Bhutan, who are culturally similar to other Tibetan Buddhists, to come to faith in Jesus.

26 The number of believers among the Drukpa of Bhutan is growing. Pray for Drukpa society to be transformed by God’s power through his people.

27 Drukpa believers in Bhutan already have a vision for reaching Tibetan Buddhists in India and China. Pray for God to use them mightily.

Skylands Peoples
28 Praise God for his love for the Skylands peoples—the Tibetan Buddhists in Mongolia, Western China and Bhutan.

29 Praise God for the churches that are growing in these traditionally Tibetan Buddhist areas. May they grow deeper in God’s word and in unity.

30 Praise God for his faithfulness. Pray for God’s blessing on the Tibetan Buddhist peoples.

Next Steps
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