Skylands 5x5x5 prayer guide

We invite you to pray for the Skylands peoples – people groups influenced by Tibetan Buddhism in Mongolia, China and Bhutan. Your prayers will open doors, encourage believers and bring glory to God.

About 15 million people in Mongolia, Western China and Bhutan have been deeply influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. Many of these people have little or no access to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Less than 0.5 percent are followers of Jesus. Even so, Jesus will build his church among these precious people, who live in a realm of breathtaking scenery, wide-open spaces and deep blue skies. Join us in praying that these “Skylands” peoples would worship the Lord of creation and declare him worthy of all honor and praise.

Day One – Spiritual Breakthrough

There are many physical and spiritual challenges to sharing the gospel in the Skylands. These difficulties include navigating the hostile climate and high altitude, as well as learning many different languages and cultures. But God does not want any to perish (2 Pet. 3:9) and is able to overcome every obstacle.

Lord, open the hearts of Mongolians, Tibetans and Bhutanese so that they may see the glory of God in the face of Christ (2 Cor. 4:6). For over 100 years, missionaries have shared among these peoples, often seeing little fruit. Lord, bring real and lasting spiritual breakthrough.


Lord, convict the hearts of Tibetan Buddhist peoples by your Holy Spirit. Give them spiritual hunger that can be filled only by Jesus.


Lord, reveal yourself to the Skylands peoples through your scriptures distributed in print, audio, video and other digital means, as well as through dreams and visions. Where people are limited, your word is not (2 Tim. 2:9).

Day Two – Pioneering in Remote Areas

In most areas of the Skylands, there are not yet any Christians. Where there are believers, the numbers are few. The vast majority of Skylands peoples live in areas that are extremely difficult for outsiders to reach and adapt to linguistically and culturally.

Lord of the harvest, send more workers into the harvest fields of the Skylands (Matt. 9:38). Empower those you send to persevere in the face of difficulty and to rely on your Holy Spirit.


Lord, many areas of the Skylands are difficult or impossible for foreigners to enter. Please provide the needed visas and work situations for them. Send local believers to the areas where none currently live.


Lord, give your children the language and culture skills to engage Tibetan Buddhists with the Good News. Enable them to learn extremely challenging languages in areas where the dialect varies from valley to valley.


Lord, fill your children with your Holy Spirit so that they may share Jesus in word and deed, with power and love, to great effect.

Day Three – Church Growth

Praise God that he is building his church among the Skylands peoples. In most areas of the Skylands where believers meet together, the church is young. Believers are learning to live in unity, and mature leadership is needed. In some places, Christians are extremely isolated and live far from other believers.

Lord, your church is the bride of Christ. Gather together the people you have called into a holy and loving body so they may worship together in their own heart languages and cultural styles. Raise up pastors to shepherd younger believers.


Lord, protect your church. Unite your people, especially those people groups who have traditionally been at odds with each other. You are a God who reconciles. Reconcile your people (2 Cor. 5:18).


Lord, watch over believers who are isolated. Minister to them by your Holy Spirit. Speak to them from your word. Provide opportunities for them to know and worship with other brothers- and sisters-in-Christ.


Lord, we ask for disciples among the Skylands peoples who will make other disciples, teaching them to obey all you have commanded (Matt. 28:19-20).

Day Four – Social Issues

Society is changing at a fast pace. This is putting pressure on traditional social structures and families. While the rapid evolution of society brings challenges, it also opens doors for the church and the gospel among the Skylands peoples.

Lord, reach the thousands of students who leave their homes and move to the cities to study. Use these students as they return to bring the message of salvation to their homes and villages.


Lord, show your compassion to Tibetan Buddhists who lack basic medical care and who have to make expensive journeys to larger cities to receive help. Protect them, as they are often taken advantage of by being told they need unnecessary medical treatments that cost an exorbitant amount. Show your love to families in need through the support of your church.


Lord, heal families that have been separated as parents leave villages to find work in cities or other areas. Be a Father to the fatherless so that they will know your love.

Day Five – Reaching Beyond

As the church grows among Mongolians, Tibetans and Bhutanese, believers are reaching out to their own people, as well as those beyond their ethnic borders.

Lord, lead your people as they seek to reach out to other people groups. Guide them by your Holy Spirit so that people from every tribe and nation will worship Jesus.


Lord, thank you for the Mongolians who are sharing with Tibetans and other people groups across North and Central Asia. Empower them and provide all that they need.


Lord, thank you for the brothers- and sisters-in-Christ from Bhutan with a heart to reach Tibetans in China and India. Thank you that they share cultural similarities that can be used as bridges of connection. Use them in powerful ways for your glory.

Next Steps

Consider additional ways to nurture God’s love among the Skylands peoples.

PRAY. Partner with what God is doing among the Skylands peoples through prayer. Visit or search “OMF Skylands” on Facebook for more prayer resources, news and stories to help you engage with Tibetan Buddhists and other unreached people groups.

GIVE. Is God prompting you to invest in church planting movements among the Skylands peoples? To learn more about supporting people or projects in the Skylands area, contact

PARTNER. Ministries to Tibetan Buddhist peoples are made possible by the critical work of mobilizing prayer and raising up workers. The Task Unfinished supports these important efforts. To partner with The Task Unfinished, visit

GO. Is God stirring in your heart a desire to go? Consider a Serve Asia ministry trip from one to six weeks. OMF has opportunities for photographers, videographers, graphic designers, IT people or app developers. You can also teach English or prayer walk through unreached villages.

For information on short-term opportunities, visit and search “Western China.”

Continue your prayer journey and pray for the workers for the harvest fields.

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