Serve Asia 5x5x5 prayer guide

We invite you to pray for Serve Asia – OMF’s short-term mission discipleship program – for just five minutes a day, for five days, for FIVE STRATEGIC AREAS. Your prayers will open doors in powerful ways, encourage believers, release strongholds and bring great glory to God.

Serve Asia is OMF’s program for those who want to serve East Asia’s peoples for anything from 2 weeks up to 12 months. With a focus on mission discipleship, it is designed to equip and encourage participants, and their sending communities, to find their place in all that God is doing in East Asia and beyond.

Serve Asia doesn’t just focus on “going” in mission and “doing” something. It’s about learning and discovering more about what is at the center of God’s heart. It’s a journey of learning more about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and following him into places that need to hear the Good News. Serve Asia is therefore not just about the short-term, it’s about gaining long-term vision and being part of God’s global mission.

Day One – Finding a Place in Mission

Each year more than 700 short-term workers from 25 different countries serve among East Asia’s peoples. More than half of Serve Asia workers are ethnically East Asian. And while most workers are under the age of 30, OMF is also seeing a growing number of retirees participating in the program.

  • Lord, we thank you for all of the Serve Asia workers who have chosen to follow your call to serve in cross-cultural mission.
  • Lord, we pray that each would understand that short-term mission is an opportunity to step out in faith. Please give them the time and resources they need to prepare well and increase in intimacy with you their Heavenly Father.
  • Lord, please watch over each worker as they venture into the unfamiliar surroundings of a different culture, often with limited language skills. We pray for their safety, health and well-being during their time serving among East Asians.
  • Lord, please help each worker to walk in the Spirit and abide in you. We pray for boldness and courage in sharing the Good News in appropriate and meaningful ways.
  • Lord, we pray that each Serve Asia worker would have their heart changed by their short-term mission experience and that this would turn into a long-term passion for God’s mission in their life.

Day Two – Journeying in Mission

A community of Serve Asia Coordinators, Mission Mentors and Mobilizers around the world is responsible for journeying with Serve Asia workers. Though a lot of their time is spent organizing Serve Asia trips, they are most passionate about discipling Serve Asia workers, seeing lives transformed and helping people to find their place in mission.

  • Lord, thank you for each of the Serve Asia Coordinators, for their faithfulness in serving you and their passion for mission and discipleship. Please encourage, strengthen and help them to use administrative tasks as opportunities for mentorship and discipleship of Serve Asia workers.
  • Lord, please give them discernment, wisdom and compassion as they walk alongside each participant from the time they inquire until after they finish their placement. Help them to effectively prepare and train participants to be able to live and serve well spiritually, emotionally and cross-culturally.
  • Lord, help Serve Asia Coordinators, Mission Mentors and Mobilizers know how to guide each of the returning workers as they think about the many ways they can stay involved in mission whether by going, sending, welcoming, mobilizing, learning or praying.
  • Lord, help them to also clearly guide those who are thinking about serving long-term as a result of their Serve Asia placement.

Day Three – Mission Discipleship

An important part of any Serve Asia experience is the opportunity it gives to spend time with long-term workers, get involved in ministries and gain insight into what life is really like in cross-cultural mission. OMF’s hope is also for each placement to be a meaningful part of a Serve Asia worker’s lifelong growth as a disciple of Jesus.

  • Lord, thank you for all the OMF workers who host Serve Asia workers each year. Thank you for the time and energy they are willing to invest in each of them.
  • Lord, please help long-term workers to find a good balance between investing in short-term workers and the needs of their ministry. Help them to know how to meaningfully mentor and disciple Serve Asia workers placed under their care.
  • Lord, please give each Serve Asia worker a true servant heart. Help them to gladly serve in ways that will bless the local community, their hosts and long-term work.
  • Lord, thank you for all those, from OMF and other mission organizations, who give their time to teach at the Serve Asia Launch Course. We pray that this cross-cultural training course would help to equip Serve Asia workers to thrive and serve meaningfully in East Asia for 6–12 months.

Day Four – Creative & Strategic Placements

Serve Asia offers short-term placements in a wide range of ministry areas. In addition to experiencing what mission is like, it is also important that Serve Asia placements give participants the opportunity to be directly involved in helping to share the gospel with the least-reached peoples of East Asia.

  • Lord, please inspire long-term OMF workers and help them to come up with new and creative ideas for Serve Asia placements that serve the long-term vision.
  • Lord, thank you for the teachers, medical professionals, business people and many others who visit East Asia as Serve Asia workers and use their professional skills to bless local communities and ministries.
  • Lord, we ask that Serve Asia workers will continue to open doors for long-term workers to be able to share the gospel in hard-to-reach places in East Asia.
  • Lord, would you use short-term workers in powerful ways during their time in East Asia. We pray that they will be salt and light and, despite language barriers, be able to demonstrate the love of Jesus to the people they meet.

Day Five – Mobilizing the Local Church

OMF regularly partners with churches, Bible colleges, seminaries, schools and even other organizations to send individuals and teams to East Asia. Through Serve Asia, the hope is for individuals not just to grow as disciples of Jesus but also for them and their sending communities to find ways to be strategically involved in reaching East Asia’s peoples.

  • Lord, we thank you for churches that have caught a vision for mission through Serve Asia workers and teams. Please help these churches to continue to pursue mission involvement and make it a central part of their fellowship.
  • Lord, through their involvement with Serve Asia would you continue to raise up new sending communities who can support long-term workers spiritually, financially and practically.
  • Lord, guide those who come alongside churches and encourage them in their mission involvement. Help them to be effective communicators and mentors for mission.
  • Lord, please use Serve Asia to help more churches in East Asia to gain a vision for mission and gain a desire to reach out to those who don’t yet know Jesus among their own people and beyond.

Next Steps

Go Is God leading you to serve East Asia’s unreached peoples firsthand? For more information visit

We are also praying for more coordinators, mission mentors and mobilizers. Could you be one of them? For opportunities to support those reaching the unreached through Serve Asia visit

Partner Mobilizing your community to join God’s work through Serve Asia is a vital ministry. Will you encourage others to pray and serve? What resonates in your heart? How do you want to get involved? Visit for more information.

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Continue your prayer journey and pray for the East Asian Church.

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