Philippines 5x5x5 prayer guide

We invite you to pray for the people of the Philippines — for just five minutes a day, for five days, for FIVE STRATEGIC AREAS. Your prayers will open doors in powerful ways, encourage believers, release strongholds and bring great glory to God.

The Philippines is a culturally and linguistically diverse country made up of 7,107 islands.
With 100 million people speaking 170 languages and dialects across the country a variety of approaches to evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training are required to reach the many different people groups.

Religion is an integral part of the fabric of Philippine society. An estimated 12% of the population identify as evangelical Christians however Catholicism, in some places mixed with traditional animistic beliefs and practices, is the dominant religion.

Prayer makes a difference. Join in praying for this country and for all its people that they might have the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel. Pray for the growth of the church throughout the Philippines as individuals and families are transformed by God’s love.

Day One – Growing in Faith

12% of the population of the Philippines identify as evangelical Christian. However, many of these are first generation believers who need intentional discipleship.

Lord, we thank you that many churches in the Philippines have seen growth, not only in numbers, but also in spiritual understanding.
Lord, we pray that as these churches grow that they may begin to see the need for mission within their own country. Please help them to think and act cross-culturally to meet that need and be a part of transforming the society in their own nation.
Lord, please provide educators who can develop self-sustaining mobile theological education programs to meet the needs of pastors and leaders in their contexts.

Day Two – Indigenous Ministries

OMF has been instrumental in the development of two associations of churches for indigenous people in Mindanao and Mindoro. Each association is developing well and has taken the lead in establishing churches in unreached villages.

Lord, thank you for how you have worked among communities in these regions, transforming the lives of so many through your peace, joy and love.
Lord, help them to continue to grow in knowledge of the Lord Jesus by providing experienced trainers to help develop and strengthen them through in-depth leadership training and discipleship.
Lord, we pray for those working on Bible translations, for perseverance so that more people groups may read your word in their own language.

Day Three – Eastern Visayas

The Eastern Visayas is a region of the Philippines where many communities are still without an evangelical church. Geographically separated by seas or mountains; culturally and linguistically different from Christians nearby; the communities in this region are also situated in areas of high risk from natural disasters and armed groups.

Lord, raise up Christians, empowered by the Holy Spirit, to cross these very real geographical, cultural, political, linguistic, environmental and spiritual barriers and live out God’s truth in the local community.
Lord, we praise you for creative ministries such as Bible storytelling, we pray that through these we might begin to see established communities of faith among minority people groups.
Lord, guide OMF workers to people of peace in these communities. Would the people of the Eastern Visayas look to Jesus for salvation and healing.

Day Four – Cross-cultural Filipinos

The OMF Philippine Home Council sends Filipinos to serve across East Asia as well as cross-culturally within the Philippines. As a part of this the Philippine Home Council partners with Filipino churches to create awareness of the needs in East Asia and to facilitate strategic and sacrificial involvement in mission.

Lord, we give thanks for a steady number of workers sent from the Philippines to serve locally, as well as in other parts of Asia. Thank you that so many Filipino believers are willing to give their lives to serve you.
Lord, bless the Home Council team with unity, perseverance, humility and creativity as they develop partnerships with churches and encourage them to engage with missions.
Lord, please help to build relationships between Filipinos working cross-culturally in the Philippines and other OMF teams working in East Asia. Give them a shared vision of how they can serve you together.

Day Five – Muslim Peoples

6% of the population in the Philippines is Muslim, in fact the religion has been present in the Philippines since the 13th century. For Muslim Filipinos, a minority who have a strong sense of their religious and cultural identity, living in a “Christian country” can be very difficult.

Lord, bless the Muslim people groups of the Philippines. We pray that they would have opportunities to be able to learn more about the love of Jesus.
Lord, please be working in the hearts of Filipino believers, may they feel your love for the Muslim people of the Philippines.
Lord, raise up people who are committed to learning Muslim languages, culture and worldview so they may be able to build relationships with Muslim communities.

Next Steps

Is God drawing you to more focused prayer or involvement with the people of the Philippines? Consider additional ways to nurture God’s love among these people.

PRAY. Partner with God’s work in the Philippines through prayer. Click here for
more information about prayer resources for the Philippines.

PARTNER. Mobilizing your community to join God’s work in the Philippines is a vital ministry. Will you
encourage others to pray and serve?

GO. Is God stirring in you a desire for further involvement? Serve Asia opportunities from 2 weeks
to 11 months allow you to explore how God is leading. Teach English, prayer walk, serve and encourage those already working in the Philippines. Visit to find out more.

What resonates in your heart? How do you want to get involved? Explore this website or contact your local OMF center using the drop down menu at the bottom of the page for more information.

Continue your prayer journey and pray for the New Communities.

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