Myanmar 5x5x5 prayer guide

We invite you to pray for the people of Myanmar, for just five minutes a day, for five days, for five strategic areas.

Your prayers will open doors for the gospel, encourage believers and bring glory to God.

You may know of Myanmar by its previous name of Burma, or as the country the famous missionary Adoniram Judson traveled to, or possibly as ‘the golden land’, a reference to the thousands of glittering pagodas scattered across the landscape.

What you may not know is that Myanmar is a vibrant, multicolored mosaic of over 100 different people groups. There is much to pray for in this land, beyond the events of 2021, when Myanmar returned to military-only rule, causing widespread political unrest and fracturing of the country’s economy.

Myanmar’s long-standing ethnic and religious tensions continue to spill over into violence. Poverty, particularly in rural areas, affects at least a quarter of all households and likely has increased in recent years.

Prayer makes a difference. May we see families, churches and society transformed by God’s love through Christ Jesus. Join in prayer for a continuing vibrant mission movement in Myanmar, fuelled by followers of Jesus obeying the Great Commission — fulfilling Adoniram Judson’s dream of “Myanmar for Christ.”

Day One – Student Ministry

Ministry among students in Myanmar was highly restricted after the student uprising of 1988. In the last 10 years universities and colleges began to reopen and become more accessible but with the events that took place in 2021 the future is unclear. Although ministry on campus is still not possible, there are now a number of Bible study groups meeting off campus. It is important for Christian students to learn how God impacts their daily life and how they can share their faith with other students. More staff workers and volunteers are needed, as well as materials for inductive Bible study.

Lord, we pray for students in Myanmar—that they will get to know Jesus as the Way, the truth and the life.


Lord, please provide more opportunities for student groups to meet together for Bible studies.


Lord, please help the student leaders of these groups to be well-equipped to lead Bible studies and be a role model for other students.


Lord, would the student work being done in Myanmar help the students to become strong and mature Christian professionals able to witness in their workplace.

Day Two – Children’s Ministry

The tradition of Sunday school is grounded in wisdom and discipline. In Myanmar Sunday school is often a key way that believers have grown in their faith. In some neighborhoods, children’s Sunday school begins as early as 7 a.m., with children enjoying the opportunity to sing songs and hear stories from the Bible. Children’s ministries can also reach further than the children as they go home and share with their parents the Bible stories and songs they have heard.

Lord, we pray for the children of Myanmar, that attending Sunday school would be more than just a fun activity, but that it would be an opportunity to know you as their Almighty Father.


Lord, please use children’s ministries to reach other family members with the good news of Jesus Christ.


Lord, bless the teachers who invest in this valuable ministry. May they be examples of your love and character to the

Day Three – Government Workers

Christians have found themselves in various roles within Myanmar’s government. However, the pressures are great as they try to serve while being key leaders in a country experiencing significant challenges in administration and reconciliation.

Lord, help Christians in government to be diligent, to have integrity and to withstand pressures to grant special favors.


Lord, give them wisdom to know how to apply biblical faith into national leadership.


Lord, we pray that Christians in authority would have church leaders and counselors to help guide them.

Day Four – People with Disabilities

In Myanmar there are over 1 million people with disabilities. They are often disadvantaged due to a lack of educational opportunities. A small group of Christians have established a project to help provide life skills and work training for people with disabilities, and also open doors for sharing the good news with them.

Lord, thank you for how Christians are using new and creative ways to reach out to the disadvantaged and disabled in Myanmar.


Lord, please provide professionals for speech and language therapy, sign language training and special needs education.


Lord, we pray that disabled people in Myanmar would be empowered by training and education, but that they would also learn of your love for them and how you made them in your image.


Lord, we pray that more churches would be motivated to adapt their services and practices to intentionally include people with disabilities.

Day Five – Mobilizing the Local Church

There are 3 million Christians in Myanmar—they make up 6 percent of the population. However, most Christians tend to come from just 3 of the 150 people groups found in the country. Meanwhile many other groups remain unreached, including the majority Bamar people. Outreach to other communities is often difficult for the local church due to the significant divides caused by culture and language.

Lord, we pray that you would overcome ethnocentric attitudes and help Myanmar’s Christians to feel your love for the people groups in Myanmar who have not yet heard the gospel.


Lord, help the local church and OMF workers to partner effectively in pioneering ministries to reach the Rakhine, Mon and Pa-O people groups.


Lord, encourage Myanmar’s Christians to speak boldly of your love and not be discouraged by any local opposition.


Lord, we thank you for how social media is providing new opportunities for Christians to share the Bible. Please sustain and give wisdom to volunteers who give their time to post daily Bible verses and respond to enquiries.

Next Steps

Is God drawing you to more focused prayer or involvement with the people of Myanmar? Consider additional ways to nurture God’s love among these people.

PRAY. Partner with God’s work in Myanmar through prayer. Sign up for weekly prayer emails at

PARTNER. Mobilizing your community to join God’s work in Myanmar is a vital ministry. Will you encourage others to pray and serve? GO. Is God stirring in you a desire for further involvement? Explore opportunities to serve Myanmar’s peoples at What resonates in your heart? How do you want to get involved? Visit for more information.

Continue your prayer journey and pray for the Diaspora.

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