MRT 13.3 Sept 2018 – The Church in Mission and in the World

The church, whether we think  of it in its local or universal sense, is the gathered people of God. We are, in New  Testament terms, the ekklēsia, the  people who are “called out” of the  world by God and for God. We are, in Old Testament terms, the qahal, the  “assembly” who unite under God’s  covenant in worship and service. We are, in missiological terms, the people  God sends into the world to bear  witness of what he has done and to  call others into relationship with him.  A people called out of the world to  serve the world—this is what John Stott called the church’s “double identity.” This identity is so important in God’s  eternal plan that we would all benefit  from studying it more deeply. This  issue of Mission Round Table intends to  help us on the way by giving us things  to think about, showing us what being  the church looks like in various settings, and reminding us that our mission  practice should be solidly grounded in a biblical and historical ecclesiology.


The Church Local, Wider, and Universal: A Study in Diversity, Unity, and Relationships – Ray Porter

History and Context: Shaping Mission and Church – Rose Dowsett

Ministry Training for the Majority – David Burke

Teaching God’s Word to a People from an Animistic Background – Hans Christoph Bär

Let the Nations Be Partners: Pioneering and Partnering in the Plan of God – Thomas McIntyre

OMF Mobilisation and the Church – Dick Dowsett

A Meditation on the Church in Antioch and Mission– Walter McConnell

Book review – Crossing Cultural Frontiers: Studies in the History of World Christianity

Book review – Christianity in the Twentieth Century: A World History

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