MRT 9.2 Sept 2014 – Bearing Fruit That Will Last: Discipleship in East Asia

Since we live in a world where discipleship programs abound, it is astonishing to hear missionaries who have responded to Jesus’ call to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matt 28:19) report that they have never been discipled. And yet that is exactly what many say is their experience. As a result, it is not uncommon to find a missionary who bears a load of frustration and guilt as he or she considers the role of a discipler. If he was never personally discipled, how can he obey Jesus’ command to make disciples? And if she does not know how to make disciples, how can she train others to do it? This all too common problem has prompted the examination of discipleship found in this issue of Mission Round Table.


  • Editorial – Walter McConnell
  • Matthew’s Guide to Missional Discipleship: Towards an Integral Mission Theology in the First Gospel – Peter Rowan
  • Discipleship and the Great Commission – Walter McConnell
  • Discipleship at the James O. Fraser Centre – Richard Cho, Jim McIntosh, and Linda McIntosh
  • Discipleship through Worldview-changing Bible Study – Josiah James
  • Discipling Ethnic Believers – Herbert T. Ale and John Wong
  • My Personal Experience of Discipleship – Ho Wat Meas
  • An Interview with Hwa Yung: Inculcalting Holiness and Enhancing Discipleship in the Asian Church – Walter McConnell
  • So that’s what they call it now! Bible Study for Personal Profit– J. Oswald Sanders

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