MRT 13.1 Jan 2018 – Be transformed by the renewal of your mind

Christianity was born in the multi-cultural, multi-religious world of first-century Rome. The apostles, from the very beginning, had to learn how to think rightly of their faith in Jesus as the Messiah in a world saturated with religion. Not only did they need to explain their faith to Jews, they were early on confronted with worshippers of the Greco-Roman pantheon, adherents to the mystery cults, and people for whom Roman Emperor worship reigned supreme. Early Christians shared the good news about Jesus in a melting pot of ideas and practices.

Despite the fact that our age has become, in many ways, more secular, Christians still face religious pluralism that forces them to consider how to present the claims of Jesus as the Christ to a world where the message, at the very least, seems strange, where some will find it repugnant, and where no small number will reject it violently. Engaging people with different worldviews and religious persuasions requires that we sharpen our minds to present the good news in a way that our hearers will understand how it is good news for them. The articles in this volume are written to help us do just that.


Proclaiming Reconciliation in our Being, Doing, and Telling – Peter Rowan

Bivocationalism in Southeast Asia: Stories from the Past and Thoughts about the Future – Les Taylor

Recognizing God in the Other: Christian Missions with a Multi-religious World – Pascal Bazzell

The Gospel in the Filipino Context: José M. de Mesa and Melba P. Maggay – Andrea Roldan

Christian Witness in a Pluralistic World – David Harley

Book review – Insider Jesus: Theological Reflections on new Christian Movements

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