MRT 10.1 Jan 2015 – Fellowship & Partnership in Mission and in the Church

We, Who are Many, are One Body: Fellowship and Partnership in Mission and in the Church

This issue of Mission Round Table revolves around koinonia, the biblical concept that encompasses fellowship and partnership and a whole lot more. It is essentially the things we share in common, beginning with Jesus Christ. As Paul Woods’s paper on “Perichoresis and Koinonia” shows, our fellowship springs from our union with God. Though the word may be new to many, perichoresis has long been used in the church to describe the dynamic, interpenetrating, and spiritual relationship that exists between the members of the Trinity. As God reaches out to us through the Son and Holy Spirit, we are drawn into his life and so dazzled that he would include us that we reach out so others can also be involved in the life of God.


  • Perichoresis and Koinonia: Implications of our Fellowship with God for the Changing Missionary Endeavour – Paul Woods
  • Koinonia: The DNA of “Gospel Partnership” – Joel Christenson
  • The Church as God’s Agent: A Study in Reflecting the Trinity – Peter Rowan
  • Fellowship, Communion, and Partnership between Local Churches – Mark Leighton
  • Growing in Partnership with Thai Church Leaders – David D. Chang
  • Comity Agreements: The Not-so-simple Art of Cooperation – Neel Roberts
  • An Interview with Michael Griffiths – Don’t Expect a Fairy-tale Ending: The Realities of Biblical Partnership

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