MRT 18.3 Dec 2023 – One People Uniting in God’s Mission

From the Editorial:

From the beginning, when God created humankind to serve as his regents by exercising dominion over the rest of creation, until the very end when the Lamb, by his blood, ransomed people “from every tribe and language and people and nation” so that they could be a kingdom and priests who reign on the earth (Rev 5:9–10), the Bible consistently recognizes the oneness that people share despite their differences. Though distinctions are made between Jews and Gentiles, sinners and saints, the Bible shows greater interest in what unites people—whether under the old or new covenant—than what makes them different. We have seen this reality in the previous two issues of Mission Round Table that presented eight of the papers read at the OMF Mission Research Consultation at the end of May 2023. With three more consultation papers in this issue, we complete those studies and prepare the way for the next issue. The final article is a taster of what is to come in the next issue of Mission Round Table that takes the global church and mission as its theme.


Isaiah 19—When God Changes a Hated Enemy into “His People” David Eastwood

Toward a Tentative Biblical Theology of Race and EthnicityWalter McConnell

Reflections on Genesis 2 as a Theology of MissionsJA

That They Will All Be One: The Transformative Potential of Ethnos, Phylē, Laos, and Glōssa for Global Missions Today Jay Mātenga

Pioneer CIM Medical Missionary or Communist Martyr? The Unusual Story of an Influential Chinese Christian Dr. Gao Jincheng (高金城)Ma Tianji

Book review: Discipling in a Multicultural World by Ajith Fernando

Book review: Multicultural Kingdom: Ethnic Diversity, Mission and the Church by Harvey Kwiyani

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